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Apex Legends Pathfinder Bug: Know All About Recent Pathfinder Buff And Bug

Respawn introduced the Pathfinder buff just as it had mentioned in the patch notes. But with it, a new bug has also surfaced along with technical issues.

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Earlier this week, the developers of Apex Legends, Respawn Entertainment made a lot of changes to the game characters. The one which caught the most attention was Pathfinder's buff, which also brought with it some bugs and glitches. Continue reading to know all about the Apex Legends Pathfinder bug and buff.

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Apex Legends Pathfinder Bug

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The first and the only bug since the recent patch that the players were most frustrated with is the one that covers up the whole screen. Every time the players use the Pathfinder grapple, the right side of the screen is completely covered which makes it impossible to see. In other words, it's when the character starts swinging anywhere that this glitch occurs.

As of now, there is no way to fix or clear this blocked up part of the screen. The UI of the screen returns to normal when the player starts climbing over an object. This was mentioned by the players online as soon as they noticed that the only way to get rid of the screen is by vaulting over an object. But there is no way to fix it while the grappling mechanism is ongoing. So while the player is trying to get into a fight or out of it, this bug is sure to get into a stuffed situation. Another one of the Pathfinder bugs is that his hands start jittering while reloading any weapon. Players have mentioned that it looks like he is having some kind of anxiety attack.

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Pathfinder Buff

Respawn will surely fix it soon and the players will have the buffed up Pathfinder back in no time. In the most recent patch, Respawn changed the cooldown mechanism for Pathfinder's grapple. Now the grapple cooldown is going to be dependant on the distance that the player has traveled. The best part about this change is that even if the player messes up the grapple, or just grapples to a nearby ledge or any nearby structure, it won't punish them with a full 35 seconds of cooldown. The inspiration for this change was from a commenter on Reddit.

On the other side, players can also stack up this cooldown time badly if they slide after a grapple. This adds up to a total of 42-second cooldown. This is because of the fact that the cooldown timer starts counting when the Pathfinder character reaches his "sprint speed". Sliding after a grapple increases the speed which does not trigger the cooldown timer. Most of the players call this buff as a type of nerf as well. It is yet to be seen if Respawn does something about it in the near future.

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