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Apex Legends Season 5 Bugs Continue To Plague The Game; Respawn Addresses The Issue

Apex Legends fans have been encountering issues with hits not registering in-game. Respawn Entertainment has called for patience as they work on a hotfix.

Apex Legends

Respawn recently rolled out a new update for its insanely popular battle royale game, Apex Legends, thereby kicking off the much-anticipated Season 5. The new patch introduced fans to a ton of changes and content including an all-new playable character, Loba, along with some map changes, and the first-ever season quest. The latest Apex Legends patch also brought an array of tweaks for a number of legends and weapons alongside some important bug fixes.

However, for all the bugs fixes introduced with the patch, there were also some new ones that started to pop up for users. A number of players have been noting on social media that they have been facing issues with hit registration since the recent update rollout.

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Apex Legends Season 5 bugs

A number of users have been reporting issues with currency, unlocked Legends and the basic menu navigation not functioning. Developers soon rolled out a fix to resolve the issues, however, the fix was seemingly unsuccessful in curbing the problem. More users started to report server lags soon after with hit-reg issues being the worst of the whole lot.

Apex Legends no reg issue continues to plague the game

A server-side hotfix patch was soon employed by Respawn to cut down the frequency of the no-reg issues effectively. Unfortunately, they are still the most common among gamers. This has led to many disgruntled players on Reddit, with others taking to microblogging site Twitter to talk about their tales of shots not registering. A few users complained that they were to land shots on their targets, however, the game failed to record the hit. Here are more such complaints from others:

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Respawn addresses the issue

Fortunately for the fans, the no-reg issue is being swiftly dealt with as a tweet from Apex Legends' official Twitter account has assured users that a server-side patch has been released to fix the problem. Hit-registration has clearly been the most crucial aspect of the Apex Legends gameplay. This was one of the reasons why developers have put the issue at the highest on their list of priorities to get right.

And while Respawn has been working to fix the issue, fans should also be conscious of the fact that there could be a slight delay with the fix especially considering the present global scenario. But, fans can still hope that the developers will resolve the issue over the next few days with a hotfix.

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