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Apex Legends Update 1.48: Check Out List Of Changes In 1.48 Hotfix

Respawn Entertainment recently released the hotfix patch 1.48 which fixes some big issues including Pathfinder's grapple and Crypto's EMP. Read on.

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Ever since the news from Respawn came out about the Apex Legends 1.48 hotfix update, players have been waiting for it as that would fix the Pathfinder bug. The hotfix is finally here and will hopefully address this screen blocking Pathfinder bug that many players have come across. Along with this Respawn is also taking care of up a few more issues that they noticed. Continue reading to know all about the Apex Legends update 1.48 fixes and more changes.

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Apex Legends Update Patch Notes

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Apex Legends Patch Notes 1.48

  • Pathfinder’s shoulder staying in view after using the grapple.
  • Crypto unable to use weapons when triggering EMP while not in drone mode.
  • Moved Performance Display so it doesn’t overlap with Kill/Assists HUD element in Ranked.

Now that Respawn has released this fix for the Pathfinder shoulder bug that covers the screen, the players will now be able to use the Pathfinder Grapple without any issues. The animation problem that the players faced was with the tactical ability of Pathfinder, which clogged the screen on the side of his shoulder. This frustrated the players completely as the view couldn't be fixed in any way. However, players have already started complaining that the update didn't fix this Pathfinder problem.

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Crypto EMP Drone Fix

  • The Pathfinder shoulder bug was messing up the screen after using the grapple ability., but the Crypto EMP drone was in a way disabling his ability to use a gun.
  • Respawn mentioned that they fixed the issue where while the EMP was triggered, Crypto was unable to use his weapons even when not in the drone mode.
  • This was one of the biggest issues for all the Crypto main players out there which Respawn fixed in this hotfix update.

The last bit of changes made by Respawn was on the HUD elements. The Performance Display used to overlap with the Kill or the Assists on the screen which the developers have also fixed now. Even though this was not a big update and just a hotfix, it will help the players a lot.

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