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Are Shadow Bombs Back In Fortnite? Data Miners Find The Item In Game Files V12.60

Are Shadow Bombs back in Fortnite? Shadow Bombs are one of the fan-favourite items that could be returning to Fortnite with future updates. Get details.


With Fortnite Chapter Season 2, Epic Games has released a ton of new weapons and items to the popular game and things are likely to pick up even more with the next season. This is because there are plenty of items that can be brought back in the game. One such item could be the Uncommon Utility Item called Shadow Bomb. These are throwable items that turn a player mostly invisible while giving them the mobility of a ninja. Players who are under the influence of this item can double jump and leap off walls, and a fastened movement speed.

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Are Shadow Bombs back in Fortnite?

The Shadow Bombs aren't back in Fortnite just, but these are one of the items that could be coming back to the game with future Fortnite updates. Soon after the Fortnite patch 12.60 went live, data miners have found strings that suggest the Shadow Bomb would be back in the game.

According to the FNBR Leaks page, the Shadow Bomb will be returning to Fortnite before the end of Season 2. It has been reported that developers have added Shadow Bomb back to the game files in v12.60, which is believed to be the last major patch of the ongoing season. The item was initially discovered in Fortnite with patch 8.51, and it managed to have a solid impact on competitive matches. It is one of the items that most players love to have in battle royales, especially during late game.

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Fans could look at Spy Games as a place with all the trial runs for older items. A number of items such as the Heavy Shotgun, Chug Splashes and the Shield Bubbles were all seen in Spy Games. However, it is likely that developers would review user feedback before they finally consider bringing them back to the core modes.

It is also likely that the Shadow Bomb makes a comeback to Fortnite with Season 3, which is said to start off sometime in June. It may also have some kind of lore attached to it, after the rumoured Doomsday event. However, nothing has been confirmed as of this moment and fans will have to wait to see what happens. As for right now, players who love using Shadow Bombs can be excited to learn that they have returned to the Fortnite game files.

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