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Bitlife Mean Girl Challenge: Learn How To Start Rumors In Bitlife And Become A Mean Girl

Bitlife Mean Girl Challenge is now live and players can complete it by finishing a certain set of tasks. Learn how to start rumors in Bitlife and more here.

bitlife mean girl challenge

Bitlife is a text-based simulator that allows users to live another life. Users get to start from scratch all the way from when they were born, to elementary school, middle school, and more. Users of this simulator get to simulate a whole new life path for their character and the choices and decisions their character makes are up to them. The Mean Girl Clique has a new challenge for the players to complete and it is called the Bitlife Mean Girl Challenge.

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Bitlife Mean Girl Challenge

This challenge lets every player live their fantasy and that is to be one of the mean girls. A new challenge in the game will enable the players to do just that. To complete the Bitlife Mean Girl Challenge, here’s what the players need to do:

  • Be a female
  • Join the Mean Girls clique
  • Start rumors about 10+ friends
  • Turn 10+ friends into enemies
  • Insult 10+ classmates

How to join the Mean Girls Clique?

The first part of the challenge is pretty self-explanatory, the players just need to choose the female gender for their characters, the next part takes a little effort. So now the players need to become a part of the Mean Girl Clique, but everybody knows being a part of the Mean Girls is not everyone’s cup of tea, so there are some prerequisites that the players will have to go through first.

The players will have really concentrate on increasing their popularity at school, as the Mean Girls Clique is the most popular group in school, players will either have to match their popularity level or get it higher than that in order to be accepted in the Clique. They can increase their popularity by socialising, joining groups, participating in extracurricular activities, and more.

How to start rumors in Bitlife?

This is one of the tasks that many players have been wondering about, they all want to learn how to start rumors in Bitlife. The way to start rumors in Bitlife requires a bit of luck and effort. First, the players will need to have friends, here comes the effort as they would need to interact, socialise and compliment their classmates to make them friends. Now comes the luck part, players will have to wait for random events to occur at school and link their friends to it to start rumors in Bitlife.

How to insult and turn friends into enemies in Bitlife?

Now the players will have to turn friends into enemies, this can be done easily by insulting them, spreading rumors, and causing negative things to them. To insult the classmates the players will have to join the Mean Girls Clique first, then they can go over to the school tab on the menu and choose to interact with any of their classmates and in the interact section, they need to choose insult.

After completing all the tasks, the players will have completed the Bitlife Mean Girls Challenge.

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