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Blizzard April Fools 2020: A Round Up Of World Of Warcraft Pranks This Year

Blizzard April fools 2020 - Blizzard pulls off a host of April Fools jokes from across all of its IPs. Read on for a roundup of April fools day pranks in WOW.

Blizzard April fools

Every year, Blizzard Entertainment treats its fanbase with a slew of April Fools jokes. April Fools is also a day that the World of Warcraft fans have always enjoyed. Perhaps, one of their earlier jokes which announced the addition of Pandaren as a playable race in Warcraft 3 did not go well and had even backfired after almost 10 years when a number of users thought that Mists of Pandaria was some elaborate hoax. So, let’s take a look at this year’s pranks.

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Blizzard April Fools jokes 2020

World of Warcraft: patch 8.8.8

A new updates note for patch 8.8.8 and build 88888 had been leaked on Blizzard's official forum, despite the developers requesting that they not be. The patch notes draft was seen on their forum on April 1 and promised a host of new features that included Kul Tiran Worgen and Highmountain Goblin and also featured the Terrific Visions. There were also some new Mythic Keystone dungeon affixes, a new holiday celebrating MOTHER, a Pet Battle Essence known as the Vision of Furrpection, new allied races and much more.

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World of Warcraft: Method – No Breaks

Method is one of the most famous World of Warcraft raiding guilds of all time. The developers made an announcement saying that they have started recruiting as they prepare for the Shadowlands. They also added that there are plans to raid 24/7 in the upcoming expansion, and will feature two raid teams. The first one will run from 6 AM to 6 PM while the other one will be from 6 PM to 6 AM. Fans were quick to realise that these were just part of an April Fools prank from Blizzard.

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WOW‘s cinematic director, Terran Gregory, and top lore writer Christie Golden also contributed to #thanksnotpranks on Twitter:

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