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COD Cold War Mid Season Update: Here's Everything You Need To Know About The Update

Cold War Mid Season Update is just about to drop and that is all players are asking about. Learn the Cold War Mid Season Update Release time and more here.

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COD Cold War has been making strides in the gaming industry constantly. The latest instalment to the Call of Duty Black Ops franchise has made its name already and has created a huge player base. They haven’t just stopped there, Cold War also provides seasonal updates to the game which brings in more content that helps to keep players immersed in the game. Many players want to know more about Cold War Mid Season Update.

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Cold War Mid Season Update

COD Cold War is back again with a brand new update for its players. The update will be releasing on the 14th of January and many want to know the exact Cold War Mid Season Update release time. The Cold War Mid Season Update release time has been set for 10:00 PST / 13:00 EST / 18:00 GMT. Here are the reported features that will be coming to the game in the Cold War Mid Season Update:


  • The new update will bring a new Zombies map and a Cold War map. The Cold War map is called Sanatorium and will be available to play in the Fireteam Game Mode.


  • This update will be focusing on the balancing of the weapons stats, certain weapons will receive nerfs and certain will receive buffs.

New Game Modes

  • Drop Kick 6v6: This is a new multiplayer game mode where two teams will be put to a battle against each other to get hold of a briefcase filled with launch codes
  • Cranked: This is a new limited-time game mode for Zombies, where players will have to keep killing a certain amount of zombies until the time expires or they explode.

COD Cold War Campaign

The game is set in the early 1980s of the cold war era and revolves around a conspiracy of a peculiar character called Perseus who aims to destabilize the world. The players will be able to progress through the heavily detailed cold war-esque places such as Moscow, Berlin, Turkey, and Vietnam through the single-player campaign of Call of Duty Black OPs Cold War.

Players will have the joy of reuniting with their favorite characters as Call of Duty Cold War brings the favorite characters such as Hudson, Mason, and Woods back for this installment to the franchise. Call of Duty Cold War will also feature a fresh roster of Cold war era weapons for the players to enjoy. Call Of Duty Black Ops: Cold War is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Cold War will also be appearing on the next-gen consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X and S.

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