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Cold War Firebase Z Glitch Spots: What Are The Glitch Spots On The New Zombies Map?

The new Firebase Z map is now live in Black Ops Cold War, however, several players have complained that they are experiencing some glitch. Get details below.

Cold War Firebase Z glitch

Treyarch has recently released the new Black Ops Cold War Season 1: Reloaded update which has greatly pleased the Call of Duty fans. The new update is quite massive and it brings along plenty of new content to look forward to. While there's a lot to explore, the addition of Firebase Z is clearly one of the biggest highlights of the update. This is the first new Zombies map that has been introduced in Black Ops Cold War since the game's launch. 

The Firebase Z map is now live in the game, and it has received many praises from the community. However, a number of players dropping into the new map have complained that they have been encountering a game-breaking glitch in numerous sessions. 

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Firebase Z glitch spots

The Firebase Z glitch doesn't affect the entire map, but it only activates at certain spots. It is generally activated when a player is thrown around by the Mimics at the wrong spot. As a result, the player gets trapped out of the map. The glitch doesn't happen when you are tossed against a regular wall or some kind of an obstacle. While the exact spots haven't been confirmed, the issue mostly arises in areas like the Jungle Defense, Rocky Defense, and Scorched Defense.

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There have also been reports from users complaining that they would fall through the map floor, and end up somewhere where they could see nothing but some random textures below the main surface.

The latest Cold War glitch is among the many glitches that have affected the game in recent weeks. Treyarch is yet to open up on the issue, however, it is likely that the issue will be patched soon. The Firebase Z has been rolled out for all players and it also has a new Easter egg. The Firebase Z Easter egg is disabled at the moment, and it is set to go live now live on February 5 at 5 PM GMT (12 PM ET).

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is now available across the Xbox Series X and Series S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC platforms.

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