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Cold War Glitches: Learn More About The Ray Gun Glitch In The Game

Cold War has just introduced a new weapon called the Ray Gun. Know how to get a ray gun and also learn about the Ray Gun Glitch in Cold War.

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Cold War has made its entry into the gaming scene quite recently. No new game is perfect, most game launches are riddled with bugs and glitches. These bugs and glitches are then tackled with updates and patches. Cold War has had its own fair share of bugs and glitches upon release. There are two popular glitches in the game right now, the Ray Gun Glitch and Cold War Zombies Glitch.

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Cold War Ray Gun Glitch

Ray Gun is one of the new additions to the weapon roster in the Cold War. There is a glitch in the game wherein if the player dies and is revived by one of their teammates while using the Ray Gun in Cold War Zombies Die Maschine map, the player will not be able to use the Ray Gun again and the glitch also blocks access to the player’s secondary weapon too. If the player decides to open a box for a secondary weapon, that will disappear too. Due to this, glitch the player is just left with his primary weapon and fists to fight off the Zombie Horde, which can be a tough task for most players.

There are ways to fix this Cold War Zombies glitch, however. The first method is by letting the character die completely and get respawned in the game for a fresh loadout. The second method is to keep the Ray Gun in weapon slot 1.

How to get Ray Gun in Cold War?

The Ray Gun is a very interesting weapon and really helpful when facing off the Zombie Hordes. It is helpful for crowd control and also provides the player with free-range mobility. There are a few ways to obtain the Ray Gun in the Cold War. Here’s how to get Ray Gun in Cold War:

Aether Crystals

  • When in the Dark Aether, the Aether Crystals provide certain drops for the players, if the player is lucky enough the Aether Crystal might drop a ray gun for them.


  • Shoot the 5 orbs near the particle accelerator room to use the coffin for drops. The coffin doesn’t drop a ray gun every time but this is the most favorable way to obtain a Ray Gun. This is one of the Cold War Zombies Easter egg.

Mystery Box

  • Players can always try their luck at mystery box spins for a ray gun drop. Although the ray gun drop is pretty rare, this is one of the ways that could help the player get their hands on the new weapon. 

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