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Cold War Prestige Key: Here's How To Use This New Cold War Feature

Cold War Prestige Key has been a trending topic in the gaming community recently. Thus we have decided to answer these questions right here. Read more

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Cold War has just been released and the players seem to love the game. They have recently been trying to find out answers to stuff like what is Prestige Key cards in Cold War.  So we have decided to help these players with our guide to Cold War Prestige Key. Read more to know about the Cold War Prestige Key.

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What is Prestige key?

A number of Cold War players have been asking a lot of questions related to Cold War Prestige key. They want to know the answer to questions like what is prestige key, how to use prestige key and what does prestige key do. This is because the makers have given the players an option to buy items from the Prestige shop. These Prestige cards can be found easily by looking at the instructions shared through the videos of popular streamers. To help you out, we have listed the answer to your questions like what is prestige key, how to use prestige key and what does prestige key do. Read more to know about Cold War Prestige Key. 

The players are curious to find more information about the Cold War Prestige key. These prestige keys can be used later on after the release of Season 1. Currently, the players will have to wait for the Season 1 to be launched now. The first Cold War Prestige key was given to the players during the pre-season. With these, the players might soon be able to buy some popular and rare items from the prestige shop. The main function of Cold War Prestige key is to give the players a number of different options to spend. Players can even buy the Prestige icons from previous COD games. These titles can easily be equipped with the icons if the players are able to reach the title of Prestige Master for a given season.

More about Cold War

Currently, the Standard Edition of the game costs £59.99 meanwhile the Cross-gen bundle is £64.99. Apart from this, the cold war download size is going to be somewhere around 95GB and 133GB for PS4 and PS5 respectively.  93GB and 136GB is the total size of the cold war for Xbox One and Xbox Series X users respectively. 

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