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Cold War Players Find Yet Another Bug; Leaderboard Glitch Causes Game To Crash

Cold War players have found themselves in the middle of yet another bug where the game leaderboard is causing it to crash entirely. Read more -

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Black ops Cold War players were taken aback yet again when they came across a game crashing bug which included the global leaderboard. Since the game is relatively new, bugs and glitches are somethings which are technically impossible to avoid. However, it is the game-breaking glitches which make players agitated as witnessed in the latest bug. Read below to know what the Cold War Zombies Leaderboards bug is -

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Cold War Leaderboards not working 

Black Ops Cold Wars players tarted reporting a game-breaking glitch which has been witnessed across all platforms of the game. Be it PC, PS, or Xbox, the leaderboards glitch is something players have not been able to find a way around just yet. Treyarch game developer company will require to fix the issue by sending out a dedicated patch. The glitch itself is not offensive when put in words, but ends crashing the game. 

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The simple issue which is bothering Black Ops players is that the leaderboards are not loading for many players. The global leaderboard is where players usually head in order to check their ranking and how players on the global platform of the game are keeping up. However, the leaderboard does not load and if any user tries to alter the leaderboard then the game ends up crashing. As of now, the statistics are still not changing. Twitter user @Sorradue had initially shared the tweet reporting this bug writing - '*Fatal PC Leaderboard Bug* There is a rather large error in Cold War when you attempt to look at the zombies leaderboards on PC, the game displays a UI error and you are then prompted to 'scan and repair' because the game files corrupted. Haven't seen this reported!'

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Players in Black Ops can change the look of the leaderboard for them. Players have the option of either choosing to compare their stats with their friends or compare them with the world. However, attempting to change the stats from the default to find the various leaderboards ends up crashing the game and delivering an error message which later causes the game to crash entirely. As of now, there is no fix to this issue. 

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