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CSGO Bots Removed: Bots Will No Longer Spawn In Classic Competitive And Wingman Modes

CSGO bots removed - With new CSGO update, Valve has dropped the CSGO bots from classic competitive and wingman game modes. Scroll on to get all details.

CSGO bots removed

Counter-Strike Global Offensive has been one of the biggest multiplayer first-person shooter games for many years now. It is played by millions around the world as it offers a wide range of customisation features and settings. Developer Valve also brings timely updates to the online multiplayer game in an effort to constantly refine the title and retain its player base. And as regular gamers of CS:GO, you must be aware that the gaming community has been requesting developers to make changes to the bots. Interestingly, the gaming company has now removed them completely in two game modes

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CSGO bots removed

Valve has recently released its first major CS:GO update this year where it has removed bots in both the classic competitive and wingman game modes. This means that once a player disconnects from a game or gets kicked out from the classic competitive and wingman game modes, they will no longer lead to a bot spawning for their team.

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A number of players welcomed the move as these CSGO bots would be annoying in certain instances as they would end up buying armour, defuse kits or other weapons that are not needed at all. Apart from this, there have been a bunch of other questionable behaviours from bots that would be frustrating for the players. A few players would also take advantage of their existence as they would be used in matches to compensate for the downed team members. The team members were also able to give instructions to these bots if any of their team members left. However, what frustrated most players was the fact that they would barely listen to their instructions and rather make their own decisions.

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As with the latest change, team members can no longer rely on a bot to show up as a replacement. Instead, they will need to wait for their teammate to return to the game to even up the battle.

The latest CS:GO patch notes were released on January 7, and it is available for download on all platforms.

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