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CSGO Patch Notes Bring Texture Streaming And Other Graphical Improvements

Developers at Counter Strike: Global Offensive have released patch notes for a new CSGO Beta Depot update. Continue reading for complete CSGO patch notes.

CSGO patch notes

Valve Corporation has rolled out a new Counter Strike: Global Offensive beta depot update on May 14 amidst speculations surrounding the ‘Source 2 Update’. This is good news especially for fans who struggled to play the multiplayer person shooter game on their low-end systems. The latest CSGO update comes with texture streaming, along with a number of other technical improvements.

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CSGO patch notes - Beta Depot update

Texture Streaming

Developers have introduced a new texture streaming feature in the latest update that will allow Counter Strike: Global Offensive to defer the loading of various different textures until the system requires it for rendering purposes, which will potentially save a massive amount of video memory, and help users who are on lower-end systems.

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The feature will essentially help boost performance on older systems that come with a low capacity Virtual RAM (VRAM); however, there won’t be a noticeable difference for users on newer hardware or VRAM capacity of 4 GB and higher. Streaming textures may be momentarily visible on systems that have slower disk access.

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Other Misc Improvements

Texture Compositor

  • The texture generation has been optimized by adding composite textures aimed for models that are already able to render higher priority in the generation queue.
  • A new trailing cache of composite inputs. It has been designed to fully optimize the composite generation for sequences of similar jobs.
  • More asynchronous texture requests will be authorized per cycle. This will allow composites to generate at a higher speed on certain systems.

CSGO update beta depot - How to join

For players who wish to join and test out the pre-release update, here's how you can do it:

Step 1: Launch the Steam client and go to the Library.

Step 2: Right click on CS:GO and click on 'Properties'.

Step 3: Click on BETAS to load the available options.

Step 4: Choose your preferred beta using the drop-down box.

Step 5: Click on “texture_streaming_beta”.

This will ask you to restart the game. Restart and launch the game and you will get the changes available with Beta.

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Image credits: Valve Corporation

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