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Daisy Mae In Animal Crossing: Who Is Daisy Mae And When Does She Leave?

Daisy Mae is a small, orange boar who arrives on your island every Sunday morning to sell turnips. Read on to know Daisy Mae times, and how can you find her.

Daisy Mae times

Daisy Mae is one of the most essential characters in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. She is a small boar merchant who offers players an opportunity to be a big player on the Stalk Market by trading turnips. Once Daisy Mae starts visiting your island, you can buy turnips from her that can be sold later at a profit. Daisy Mae specialises in selling these turnips as there is no other way in Animal Cross to buy turnips.

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Daisy Mae times

Where is Daisy Mae and when does she arrive?

After Nook’s Cranny opens its doors for the first time, Daisy Mae starts paying visits to your island every Sunday in the morning. The earliest she usually arrives at your island is 8 AM, although there are times when she may arrive even earlier so keep an eye out if you're looking to buy some turnips.

It won’t be easy to find Daisy Mae after she arrives; however, she can be seen wandering around on your island, mostly up on the cliffs. You may even find her coming by your home when you step out early in the morning. You can speak to her to get all the information on the Stalk Market and understand how you can get started.

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When does Daisy Mae leave?

Daisy Mae leaves your island at 12 PM midday so make sure to jump on early and buy up a ton of turnips before she is gone. You can purchase as many turnips from her as you may desire and fill up the inventory. However, this will be dependent on the number of Bells that you have at the time and the amount of risk that you are willing to take. You should also note that all the turnips will get spoiled after a week, meaning that all the turnips that you collect in the corner become worthless if not utilized.

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