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Dead By Daylight Patch Notes To Bring Back Matchmaking Ratings

The new Dead by Daylight patch notes brings various quality of life changes and fixes to the game. Continue scrolling to check out Dead by Daylight patch notes.

Dead by Daylight patch notes

Things are about to get interesting as Behaviour Interactive has released a new DBD update that introduces plenty of changes to the survival horror game. As part of the update, developers are bringing back the Matchmaking ratings along with changes to the character portraits. Let's take a look at the complete DBD patch notes.

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Dead by Daylight patch notes

Here is a look at all the major changes coming with the new DBD patch notes: 

The Clown: Gameplay update

  • Developers are making some changes to the Clown with the upcoming Mid-Chapter. The game will also see an addition of the Afterpiece Antidote which is a throwable bottle shatter that releases a delayed yellow gas. As soon as it gets activates, it will offer a 10% movement speed bonus to anyone who steps into it. This effect will work similar to the Tonic, and it will remain for a couple of seconds once it leaves the gas. Players will also have an option to switch between Antidotes and Tonics by simply clicking on the Active Ability button. However, one should also be careful while throwing the antidote as they can also make the Survivor faster if you throw them poorly.

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HUD update

  • The HUD will be updated to offer a new layout to players. Developers have stated that the new HUD will come with a bunch of tricks up its sleeves.

Character Portraits

  • Players will now get to see the face of the Survivor show up right next to their names.

Hook Counter and Progress

  • A hook counter will appear next to the portrait of every Survivor. This has been added to help players understand those who have been hooked and those who haven't.

UI Scale Options

  • Players will see a bunch of new options which will allow them to make changes to the size of the HUD using the Options menu. There is a space left for streamers where they can put their cameras without covering up any important HUD elements.

Survivor Locomotion Animation update

  • More fluid and realistic animations have been added to the game.

Matchmaking Rating & Rank Rewards

  • Matchmaking ratings are all set to make a comeback in Dead by Daylight. Developers have stated that they are working to re-enable skill based matchmaking for another test soon. The company will also introduce rank rewards to the game once they are satisfied with the matchmaking ratings. With the new system, players will earn rewards individually for both Killer and Survivor.

Quality of Life and Balance changes

The Wraith: True Invisibility

  • A keen Survivor can see The Wraith while he is cloaked by a faint shimmer. To give him a small boost, the game will be changing his cloaked shimmer to only be visible when close by. The Wraith’s shimmer will be:
    • Completely invisible beyond 24m
    • Somewhat visible between 24m and 16m
    • Unchanged when within 16m

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  • Fixated will now remain active even if a player is injured.


  • The amount of time taken to activate the Diversion has been reduced. In addition, its perk tiers has been simplified to make it more useable at lower levels.

Deep Wound adjustments

  • The Deep Wounds timer will be 20 seconds long regardless of how it was applied. The Legion’s add-ons has also received the necessary adjustments.

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Image credits: Behaviour Interactive

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