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Destiny 2 Season Of The Chosen Update Time And Maintenance Period

Bungie is ready to drop the new Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen update across all platforms. Scroll on to get details on update time, maintenance period and more

Destiny 2 update time

Season of the Chosen, also known as Season 13, will be the next major season in Destiny 2. As part of the new season, fans can expect an array of new content to arrive in the game which includes new gears, strikes, quests and a lot more. There will also be plenty of extra content for players who already own the expansions. While it's already clear that the new Season of the Chosen expansion is set to launch on February 9, 2021, let us give you the exact release time and find out if there will be a maintenance period.

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Destiny 2 update time

The new Destiny 2 Season of the Chosen expansion is scheduled to go live on servers on February 9 at around 5 PM GMT. Bungie has confirmed that the game will be taken offline for maintenance for a brief period. 

The maintenance is set to begin at 8 AM PST (16:00 UTC). At around 8:45 AM PST (16:45 UTC), players will be taken off the game from all the activities as the game will be offline during this period. Players will only be able to log back into the game after 9 AM PST (17:00 UTC). 

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At this point, a new Destiny 2 update 3.1.0 will be rolled out on servers for all platforms and the new Destiny 2 patch notes will be available. Players can log back in once the new update is live, however, it is likely that the game places them into a queue. Bungie has explained that players may face issues while attempting to log into the game as maintenance will still be running in the background.

The maintenance period is expected to conclude at around 10:00 AM PST (18:00 UTC).

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Players on gaming consoles have been advised to restart their consoles and then try to install the new update 3.1.0 update if they encounter any issues post update. Destiny 2 fans should also note that a number of weapons and armour are expected to be removed from the game after the new Season of the Chosen expansion update rolls out.

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