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Destiny 2 Beyond Light To Launch A New World-first Raid Right After The Expansion Release

With a month remaining for the Destiny 2 Beyond Light release, an announcement was made by Bungie of a new world-first raid that comes with the expansion.

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From the game developers Bungie, comes this masterpiece Destiny 2 as a free-to-play online-only multiplayer FPS video game. The game was released on September 6, 2017 for the platforms PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Soon a version was also released for Microsoft Windows version released on October 24, 2017. Continue reading to know all about the upcoming Destiny 2 beyond Light's new raid in November.

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light New Raid

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The upcoming new raid for the Destiny 2: Beyond Light is going to be released on the November 21 right after the main expansion launches on November 10. This world-first raid is going to start at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET / 6 pm BST. 

Only one of the teams will be able to claim the title of world-first, but any of the players who clears this upcoming new raid within the duration of 24 hours since its release will receive an exclusive emblem. The contest modifier will be active for a specific time and only the players who clear the raid during this time will be allowed to get the rewards.

For the players who are able to beat this raid by December 1 will also receive a special raid jacket from the Bungie store. Even clearing the raid will give the remaining players a chance to get their own emblem as well.

One more thing to mention is that this upcoming Beyond Light raid launch will be built on the rules of the world-first races which occurred previously. It will use an enhanced contest modifier which caps players 20 Power (up from 15) below each encounter for a duration of first 24 hours after raid launch. The Artifact Power is also going to be disabled, and anything above power of 1230 Power "will not provide any additional advantage in the final fight." 

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While this upcoming update will definitely add a new location, new raids, and a lot of new interesting loot to collect, a large portion of the game’s world will also get removed for sure. Some of the things that could be done before beyond light arrives are mentioned below:

  • Board the Immortal and defeat Dominus Ghaul to free the Traveler’s Light.
  • Carry out the last will and testament of Cayde-6.
  • Embrace the Anthem Anatheme and earn the Whisper of the Worm.
  • Challenge Enkaar, the Anointed to a duel.
  • Confront the Fallen mech monstrosity known as "Insurrection Prime" at the Last City location.
  • Help Destiny 2’s lovable planetary weirdos prepare for evacuation.
  • Save Eris Morn from the necromancer Hive prince Nokris. 
  • Enter the realm of the Nine to discover the secret of the Darkness.

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