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Destiny 2 Harbinger Mission: How To Complete The Harbinger Secret Quest?

Destiny 2 fans can now complete a new Harbinger Secret quest which rewards them with Hawkmoon Exotic catalyst and two Hawkmoon drops with random rolls.

Destiny 2 Harbinger mission

Developers at Destiny 2 have been hard at work bringing new content and challenges for fans to complete. Bungie has now introduced a new Harbinger mission, where players can earn a new Hawkmoon Exotic catalyst along with two Hawkmoon drops with random rolls. The challenge is now live in Destiny 2, however, the game doesn’t offer much detail or guidance on how to complete the challenge. So, let us quickly show you how to complete the Harbinger mission in this Destiny 2 guide.

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How to start Harbinger mission?

To start the challenge, you will need to make your way to the Lake of Shadows Strike Dam. From here, you need to look for a secret entryway. You need to make sure that you have equipped some powerful weapons to take on the enemies that you will encounter through the mission. 

Once you are at the EDZ, walk through the damaged structure and walk through the opening of the second floor. Go through the fireplace and get to the other side in the open area. As soon as you step out, you should run into a Taken Hobgoblin that needs to be killed. Now, you need to jump exactly where the Taken Hobgoblin was standing before you shot him down. From here, you need to jump onto the little branch facing the dam. Go ahead and make another jump and land on the base. Keep moving forward until you scale through the edge of the dam to reach a tunnel.

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Walk inside and get ready to deal with the unstoppable champions. As you continue to move forward, you should find three emissaries that you need to overcome. Backtrack to the turbine room to find a new doorway unlocked. Go through the area to find the reward chest which will only give you some feathers. 

Now, make your way up top through the right exit point to reach a portal. You just need to get inside the portal and walk forward to be teleported to another area. Just scale through the cliffside and take a left. Follow this path and continue walking on the side beam to find some unstoppable champions. Once you have killed everyone, you will find another chest that contains the Hawkmoon Exotic catalyst and two Hawkmoon drops with random rolls.

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