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Destiny 2 Trials Map This Week: What Are The Trials Of Osiris Rewards?

Destiny 2 Trials map this week - Trials of Osiris has finally returned in Destiny 2 on a new map and brings along plenty of new rewards for the participants.

Destiny 2 trials map this week

The Destiny 2 Trials map this week has arrived as part of the PvP activity. Players will have the opportunity to win plenty of exciting rewards by participating in the PvP challenge which is now live on servers. Once you get into the 3v3 elimination competitive gauntlet, you will be able to bag various loots by securing three, five, seven wins, or going flawless by delivering the best performance. If you haven't suffered a single loss during the matches and gained all seven wins, you will receive a special reward in the game. Let us find out what is in the Destiny 2 trials map this week.

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What is the Destiny 2 trials map this week?

Just like any other week in Destiny 2, the Trials of Osiris will take place on a different part of the map. This week, players will be making make their way up to the Dead Cliffs in the European Dead Zone (EDZ) on Earth. This map was introduced as part of the base game as one of the first Crucible maps in Destiny 2. If you have been playing the game for a long time, it is likely that you already have enough experience with the map. You can use this experience to gain an upper hand over your opponents.

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Destiny 2 trials rewards this week

Similar to the changes in the map, the Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris also changes the rewards which can be earned by completing the challenge. Gamers who take part in this week's Trials of Osiris will be rewarded with the Legs of the Exile for Hunter, Titan, Warlock by securing three wins.

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If you are able to get five wins, you will be rewarded with The Summoner, which is a powerful Solar auto rifle in the game. If you are lucky enough to get seven wins in the challenge, you will receive a class item in the form of a Cloak, Bond of the Exile. As for players who manage to go flawless, an Adept Eye of Sol Sniper with Charge Time Mod.

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