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Destiny 2 New Collectible: What Does Ascendant Lens Do?

Destiny 2 has a new collectible called the Ascendant Lens. Players have been wondering, 'what does the ascendant lens do?' Learn more here

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Destiny 2 is hosting the Festival of the Lost event at the moment. Players are hard at work trying to earn all the rewards provided by Bungie in the event. When the players have put in enough hard work, they are rewarded with the Ascendant Lens. The Ascendant lens is a special item, but the players have no clue what to do with it. Many players have earned the Ascendant Lens, but are asking what does the Ascendant Lens do?

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What does Ascendant Lens do?

This item is housed in the collectibles section. The Ascendant Lens’ description states,  "A focusing lens from the Dreaming City through which the Ascendant Plan can sometimes be seen...". This made some players assume that it will have some use in the Dreaming city, but that theory was soon busted. Players believe that since it is housed in the collectibles section, it is merely a trophy to signify the hard work the players have put in to accomplish the task.

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How to get the Ascendant Lens?

Getting the Ascendant Lens is not a piece of cake at all. It takes a huge amount of effort and time to earn this special item. Players will have to spend a lot of time in the Haunted Forest, farming for Cipher Decoders. A total of 45 Cipher Decoders are required to unlock 45 Chests and then the Ascendant lens is obtained. After opening all 45 Chests, the players are handed the mysterious Ascendant Lens by Spider.

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Destiny 2 Ascendant Challenge

Destiny 2 has had a major expansion in the game called Forsaken. Forsaken has an Ascendant challenge which requires the players to explore the Dreaming City. Here are the tasks for the Ascendant Challenge in Destiny 2:

  • Grab the Ascendant Challenge bounty.
  • Seek out chests in the Dreaming City.
  • Return to Petra.
  • Drink the tincture.
  • Destroy the Taken Blights.
  • Destroy the crystals.
  • Collect your spoils.

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Destiny 2 Festival of the Lost

Festival of the Lost is back in Destiny 2. This Halloween themed event brings back the Haunted Forest activities and also the Festival of the Lost Masks. Check out the chest rewards of the Haunted Forest and the new Festival of the Lost Masks below:

Haunted Forest Chest Rewards:

  • Legendary Gear
  • Random Braytech Werewolf auto rifle roll
  • Random Horror Story auto rifle roll
  • Masks
  • Festival of the Lost Shaders

Festival of the Lost Masks: 

  • Ana Bray
  • Bubbling
  • Exo Stranger
  • Fractured Traveler
  • Variks
  • Wrapped Traveler

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