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Genshin Impact Klee Banner Is Next Banner In Game; Check Out

Genshin Impact provides banners for players to wish on and get a new character. The latest character banner coming to the game is the Klee Banner.

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Genshin Impact has made its character roster one of the most crucial parts of the game. Players need to have the right team of characters with the right skill set to take on certain quests. Genshin Impact has a wishing system that helps players collect 5-star characters. 5-star characters are really helpful and deal significant damage to enemies. The game has a banner in the game for wishing for characters and Klee is the latest character that will have their own banner.

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Genshin Impact Klee Banner

Genshin Impact has banners of characters where they can wish on with the acquired Acquaint fate. Players have seen a limited time banner for Venti and that is now going to be replaced with a Genshin Impact Klee Banner. Klee is an absolutely destructive force. Klee is a 5-star character with Pyro elemental powers and can deal some serious damage. Here are the elementary and burst skills of Klee:

Elementary skill

Jumpy Dumpty: Sends a kind of robot that explodes after three bounces creating area Pyro damage as well as mines that explode on contact with enemies.

Burst skill

Sparks 'n' Splash: Summons a small robot that shoots missiles at enemies for a period of time. Be careful, by changing the character, the Burst effect disappears.

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Genshin Impact Birthday Rewards

Genshin Impact is trying to beat the competition in the market. It is trying to do that by keeping the players of the game in the forefront. Genshin Impact is one of the very few games that keep the player’s birthday in mind and provides them with gifts and rewards on their birthday. It is their way of celebrating the player’s birthday. These birthday rewards often gift the player with items that can help them upgrade their characters and progress faster in the game. Here’s how the player can set their birth date and receive a birthday reward in Genshin Impact:

  • Once the game is loaded up and the player is in the game, open their profile
  • In the profile, there will be a pencil icon on the top right corner
  • Click on that and that will take you to the edit page
  • The players should see a drop-down list
  • The player can edit details from their profile here
  • In the list, players need to click add Birthdate
  • Feed in the date you want to set as your birthdate in the fields
  • After that, go to the mail icon
  • Players should’ve received a mail from the mailing system giving them wishes for their birthday
  • This mail will also contain a birthday reward for the player
  • Players need to click on claim under the reward to claim the birthday gift by Genshin Impact
  • The birthday reward will be then added to the players' inventory and can be accessed from there.
  • The players need to go back to their profile
  • Click on the bag icon to open inventory
  • Click on the birthday reward to see what they have received
  • Players end up getting some resin to upgrade their stats and a birthday cake to mark their special day

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