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Genshin Impact Guide: How To Solve Genshin Impact Tianqui Valley Puzzle?

Genshin Impact has a lot of difficult puzzles to solve and one of them is the Tianqui Valley puzzle. Learn how to complete the Tianqui Valley puzzle here.

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Genshin Impact is the go-to game for most players right now. This free-to-play game has generated massive amounts of hype. Genshin Impact has created a rich and deep world of Tevyat which is filled with content for players in every nook and corner. The game has puzzles, quests, bosses, and a lot more for the players to stay busy in. It also supports multiplayer, so players can squad and take on some Elite bosses. Genshin Impact even has elaborate puzzles for players to solve and are rewarded handsomely for doing so. One puzzle wherein players have issues to solve is the Genshin Impact Tianqui Valley Puzzle.

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Genshin Impact Tianqui Valley Puzzle

This is a very elaborate and lengthy puzzle in Genshin Impact. West of Luhua Pool is Tianqui Valley. Tianqui Valley has 3 towers in the area that are really valuable to it. There’s an ancient stone in the center of these 3 towers which has openings for 3 prisms. These 3 prisms can be collected by completing the various challenges these towers hold. Check out the Genshin Impact Tianqui Valley Guide below:

First, the player needs to head to the center of these towers and look for the ancient tablet which looks like a tombstone to start the quest.

Torch Tower

  • This tower’s challenges would need a Pyro element character, so players should equip themselves with someone like Amber.
  • Now move to the first floor of the tower and the players will need to light up torches to unlock the chest and the second floor.
  • These torches are interconnected, and they burn and go out together. Players need to figure out the pattern and light them up properly.
  • The players should first light the torch closest to the chest and then the one in the middle of the entrance to unlock the chest.
  • Loot the chest and move on to the second floor.
  • Here the players will see a star-shaped torch puzzle.
  • The players should light the torches towards the left first, then the right, then the back, and finally the front.
  • This should unlock the third floor and the chest.
  • The third floor has a set of 8 torches that need to be lit.
  • The players will have to light one torch and then light the next unlit one on one side and do the same on the opposite side.
  • Loot the chest, collect the prism, and head to the second tower.

Jump Tower

  • This is the easiest of all the towers. It is a platform-based challenge where the players need o reach the top of the tower within 60 seconds. This may take a couple of tries to complete, to get an idea of how the jumping works. Players can use the protagonist or if they have acquired Venti, to complete this challenge. The players need to loot the chest while on their way to the top of the tower. Collect the prism and move to the third and final tower.

Fight Tower

  • This must be the most difficult tower challenge between the three. The player should have a good and strong arsenal while taking this tower on. 5-star characters will be really helpful in this tower. The first challenge has the player defeating a few enemies in 40 seconds. The second challenge has the players defeating 5 enemies in 60 seconds. The third challenge also has the players defeating 5 enemies in 60 seconds. After collecting all the prisms the players will be ambushed by the last swarm of enemies, defeat them and go to the ancient tablet, and put all prisms in to complete the puzzle.

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