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Does The Vaulting Pole Break In 'Animal Crossing: New Horizon'?

Players can use the Vaulting Pole to easily get across the river in the game. Does the vaulting pole break in 'Animal Crossing: New Horizon'? Read on to know.

Does the vaulting pole break in Animal Crossing

The Vaulting Pole is one of the most essential items in the game Animal Crossing. It allows users to cross rivers so they can explore the rest of their island in Animal Crossing. However, a number of players are usually concerned if it can actually break, which is understandable as it is used for jumping over the rivers and if it were to break, you would only find yourself stranded. So, let us explain whether this item can actually break while you’re trying to get across.

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Does the vaulting pole break in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

The Vaulting Pole does not break in Animal Crossing, so you do not have to worry about getting stranded on the other side of the island after jumping across a river.

Does the vaulting pole break in Animal Crossing

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In addition, even if you end up between the rocks, the game allows you to contact the Rescue Service which can be done using your Nook Phone by pressing ZL. Once you do that, you can use the Rescue Service app with the helicopter icon and a team of experts will come to rescue you from whichever location that you may be at the time. However, you certainly don’t need to worry about this while using the Vaulting Pole.

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How to get Vaulting Pole in Animal Crossing?

For those users who have played the game, they must be already trying to figure out how to access the Vaulting Pole in Animal Crossing as it can be very frustrating to try to cross a river without having access to this item. So, here’s exactly how you can get a Vaulting Pole in the game:

To get a Vaulting Pole, you will need to meet Blathers, a talkative museum curator owl that runs the town's museum. However, you will first have to donate five fish or critters to Tom Nook. Once you do that, he should get a call from Blathers, and you will be requested to set a tent for Blathers at an ideal location. After setting up a tent, Blathers will soon show up. Once Blather arrives, you can speak to him and start donating species to him instead of Mr. Nook, and he will immediately offer you a DIY recipe for creating a Vaulting Pole.

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How to create a Vaulting Pole?

To craft a Vaulting Pole, you will need to go to Mr. Nook and the DIY workbench. Now, collect five Softwood in order to make the Vaulting Pole. You will be able to obtain these by crafting a Flimsy Axe and hitting trees with it. After you have gathered all the required materials, you can make the Vaulting Pole and you’re on your way.

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