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How To Get Axe, Iron Nuggets, Shovel, And Log Stakes In Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing features a range of tools which lets you complete important tasks. Read on to know how to get Axe in Animal Crossing, among other items.

How to get Axe in animal crossing

A new crafting system is a major new addition in Animal Crossing New Horizons. And while crafting may require certain items to perform, the crafting recipe in the game is much simplified and only takes a handful of items. Axes are one of the most essential tools in Animal Crossing and are quite helpful in cutting off trees to get wood, and even breaking rocks. However, when you are just getting started with the new adventure, you do not an axe or a recipe. So, we show you how you can get your first axe in the game.

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How to get Axe in Animal Crossing?

If you are looking to get an axe in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you will have to speak with Tom Nook on the second day of your adventure, where you will be required to donate five fish or bugs to him. He will then offer you a recipe for crafting a Flimsy axe, which can be utilized for getting wood from trees, sourcing Iron Nuggets and more. You will first use the recipe to craft a Flimsy Axe, before upgrading it to a Stone Axe. The Flimsy Axe does not last long and can only be used up to 30 times.

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How to get Shovel in Animal Crossing?

Shovels are also largely important in Animal Crossing. And if you are looking to get one, you will need to follow almost the same steps as you did to obtain an Axe. To get your first shovel, donate five fish or bugs to Tom Nook. This time, he will give you a spot to set up for the museum, and once it is there, you will receive a recipe to craft a shovel. This will allow you to create a shovel anytime you want.

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How to get Iron Nuggets in Animal Crossing?

Now that you have an axe, you can find Iron Nuggets from within the nearby rocks on your home island and the islands that you visit after purchasing and using the Nook Miles Ticket. You will need to use a shovel or your axe (you can use a Flimsy or a regular one) and just start hitting the rocks to spawn the Iron Nuggets. Which exactly you get will be random, and you’ll get anywhere between one and nine resources per rock, once per day.


How to get log stakes in Animal Crossing?

You will need the log stakes when you unlock the museum and Nook’s cranny. Once it's available, Mr. Nook will discuss with you the idea of expanding and adding more space to the island. He will offer you the DIY recipe to unlock the bridge, and it can be crafted at any station. You will use the recipe and collect 12 wood (three wood for one log) to create four log stakes.

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