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Fortnite Season 4 Adds A New LTM Marvel Knockout In V14.10 Update

Fortnite Season 4 now introduces a new Limited Time Mode in the 14.10 update known as Marvel Knockout along with Stark Industries. Read on.

fortnite marvel knockout

In the latest Fortnite update of 14.10, a new Limited Time Mode (LTM) called the Marvel Knockout was added to the game. Due to some bug in the update files, the servers were gone down for a while but now it's live again and available to play. Continue reading to know everything about this new LTM mode.

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Fortnite's Marvel Knockout: New LTM Mode, Iron Man and Thor New Powers and More

The new LTM known as Marvel Knockout allows players to form two teams each consisting of two or three players and battle against each other in a tournament type of match. Each team can only use the new superpowers which were added in this 14.10 update. 

This season introduced a lot of superpowers based on each of the heroes and are only available as pickups. Players can't use them in normal match modes yet but it's still a lot of fun to use.

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Mechanics of Marvel Knockout mode

Every match will give both the teams a number of points which the teams need to achieve to win the match. One kill counts as one point. Even though it sounds hard and it actually is, but it still looks a lot more enjoyable than the previous LTMs that Fortnite introduced. There is also a timer for each round and the team with most points wins the round after the timer runs out. Gaining the same number of points (A draw) will lead to the elimination of both the teams. To win one tournament a team needs to win 4 rounds of these matches. 

Because of this, it's recommended that players team up with players that they know, rather than let the game find a team for them. That way, you know what to expect from the other players. Everyone has to bring their A-game in this mode in order to win. Also, since its an LTM so it is most likely going to stay for a week which is a default for most of the Battle Royale games.

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Fortnite Update v14.10 Adds Iron Man And Thor Powers

The Addition of Iron Man's Stark Industries, Thor's Mjolnir Strike and Wolverine's Trophy

Players will be able to explore the area of Stark Industries to conduct loot and meet other superheroes or villains. Now you will be able to fire energy blasts and boost into the sky quite like Iron Man using Tony Stark’s Repulsor Gauntlets. But it is not only the “Genius. Billionaire. Philanthropist” who is getting new updates. Marvel’s Thor will be seen being able to use the Mjolnir Strike that summons a blow to a gamer’s targeted location. 

  • In this latest addition for the Iron Man fans, players can explore the Stark Industries to find loot and meet many other superheroes and villains. It actually takes up a lot of the map which is why the file size for this update was also huge.
  • Players will now also be able to fire energy blasts and fly into the sky just like Iron Man by using his Repulsor Gauntlets.
  • The main move that players have been speculating is finally here. Thor doesn't have a specific point of interest to find this but it can be acquired by destroying the flying drone at the Quinjet Patrol Jet location.
  • The trophy for wolverine challenge which is now added as a week 3 challenge can be found at the farthest south location from Dirty Docks location. It can be easily found if approached from the east side of the building. Once inside the building, a closet it present. Open it and Sentinel's head can be found inside.

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