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Fortnite Update V14.10 Brings The Massive Stark Industries POI To Fortnite Island

Fortnite update v14.10 is one of the biggest updates for a season. v14.10 brings the gigantic Stark Industries to Fortnite Island and more.


Fortnite is a game that doesn't wait for anyone. It is constantly bombarding the players with fresh, new, and interesting content for them to play. Fortnite stays ahead in the race because of this very reason. It constantly provides their player base with new content and keeps the immersion going. Fortnite has outdone itself with the Chapter 2 season 4 'Nexus War' update. The Marvel-themed update has taken the world by storm as it is jam-packed with content. However, it doesn't look like Fortnite is going to take a break anytime soon. As of today Fortnite has gone live with its v14.10 update and has put in a whole new POI for the players to discover playground in the map.

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Stark Industries makes its mark in Fortnite

Stark industries have made their way inside Fortnite island finally. Stark Industries cover a massive portion of Fortnite's map. The fans were right, the stark beacons were making such huge trails for a reason, and that was to warp in Stark industries. These beacons have been going on for quite a long time and have players confused as to what their goal is. Finally, in the Fortnite update v14.10, the goal of these beacons has been clarified. Stark Industries has been teleported to the map to aid stark in their battle against Galactus.

Players have received Marvel-esque POIs in the Season 4 update such as Doom's Domain, Ant Manor, Quinjet Patrol sites. etc. Stark Industries is by far the biggest POI that has been added to the map in the Fortnite update and it looks like it lives up to the expectation that the Stark name creates. Fortnite announced the arrival of Stark Industries to the Fortnite island in an official tweet, stating, "The lab of the brilliant Tony Stark arrives! Discover new powers and continue the fight in the #FortniteNexusWar Explore Iron Man’s Stark Industries on the Island now."

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Other Additions to the game in Fortnite update v14.10

  • Tony Stark, Aka Iron is one of the new bosses that can be fought with and can be found near the new POI, Stark Industries.
  • New Special Super Powers have been added, such as Thor's Mjolnir Strike and Iron Man's repulsor gauntlets
  • Gatherer Drones are the new bots and they work for Galactus. They are designed to collect loot, and destroying them would provide the player with huge amounts of loot.
  • A new battle mode called Marvel Knockout has been introduced. In this tournament, teams can use superpowers to battle it out and see who the best team of superheroes is.

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