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Fortnite V14.10 Patch Notes; New POI, Hero Customisation And More Details

Fortnite brings the biggest update for season 4 with v14.10. Get all details on Fortnite 14.10 patch notes ranging from new POIs to bug fixes and more.


Fortnite has mastered the technique of keeping the players engaged in the game. They immerse the player into the game by providing new and interesting content regularly for players to try out and enjoy. Fortnite puts out patches, updates, changes themes every season, and makes changes to the map amongst other things to keep the players engrossed in the game. Fortnite update 14.10 is set to roll out on the 10th of September 2020 and is about to bring changes to quite a few things.

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Fortnite Update 14.10

Fortnite update 14.10 is the first big update for Fortnite season 4. Unfortunately for the players, this one is on the heavier side of updates and the players will experience some downtime until the patchwork is done by Epic, so no playing Fortnite temporarily. Fortnite Status, the official account of Fortnite service updates tweeted, "Facilitate the action. v14.10 arrives tomorrow, September 10. Downtime will begin at 4 AM ET (08:00 UTC)." The downtime is speculated to be around an hour or so.

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Fortnite 14.10 Patch notes.

Epic stopped releasing patch notes since the dawn of chapter 2, and it doesn't look like they are going to start again. Fortnite updates and patches have been left to be figured out by data miners and leakers by Epic. Thanks to some reputed and trusted leakers such as iFireMonkey and Fortnite Trello board, bug fixes and new features were deciphered for the new Fortnite update. Here are the Fortnite 14.10 patch notes: 

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New POI and Hero Customization:

This is definitely one of the biggest updates, as earlier a few tweaks to Fortnite Island were made to make it more Marvel-esque, but nothing major. A new location, Stark Industries is about to be put in the map and it is going to be a massive new POI. One feature which was never seen before is about to hit the Fortnite item store and is definitely something to be hyped up. Epic is about to add Hero customization to Fortnite, meaning players can customize the heroes they use to play the game and can really stand out from the crowd with the unique personalization they will be able to do after the update.

Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes are always necessary. Sometimes Fortnite bugs can really get on players' nerves as it can sometimes cause the game to crash. Fortnite does take note of these issues and works to fix them in their updates. Fortnite has fixed these bugs for Season 4 in the v14.10 patch:

  • Opponent Glider audio is not audible at times
  • Being in the passenger seat disable the consumption or throwing of fish
  • The use of Silver Surfer's board on the PS4 or Nintendo switch sometimes causes the game to crash
  • Supply Drops don't disappear after opening
  • In creative mode, multi-select copying objects that are scaled-down will switch them back to the normal size.
  • FPS drops are caused due to the use of Bifrost Glow Contrail

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