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Genshin Impact's Diona: Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Diona

Genshin Impact is gearing up for its first massive update of 1.1 which is scheduled for the month of November 11. Diona is an expected 4-star character.

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Genshin Impact officially released on September 28th and has been since then gaining a lot of momentum as a next-gen F2P Action MMORPG, which also follows the Breath of the Wild gameplay style. Now after just a few weeks since its release, Genshin Impact is going to receive its first massive update of 1.1. The developer miHoYo also gave a detailed roadmap informing about the upcoming changes and new characters that will occur throughout February 2021.

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Diona in Genshin Impact

According to developer miHoYo's roadmap, Genshin Impact version 1.1 update is going to be released on November 11, 2020. This update is also going to introduce a brand new event known as  "Unreturned Star Off."

For version 1.1, there will be four new heroes that will be available to obtain. Two new 4-star rarity characters named Diona and Xinyang and two new 5-star characters Childe and Zhong Li are expected to be introduced with this upcoming major update.

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  • Diona
    • Attribute: Cryo
    • Weapon: Bow
    • Type: Healer
    • Skill: AoE Care
    • Constellation: ???
  • Xinyang
    • Attribute: Pyro
    • Weapon: Swordfish
    • Type: DPS
    • Skill: Forcefield shield
    • Constellation: ???
  • Childe
    • Attribute: Hydro
    • Weapon: Bow
    • Type: ???
    • Skill: Stance Change (This also changes his ultimate attack depending on his fighting style)
    • Constellation: ???
  • Zhong li
    • Attribute: Geo
    • Weapon: Lance
    • Type: ???
    • Skill: Element Burst: Summons a Geo pillar that can resonate with other Geo pillars.
    • Ultimate Attack: AoE Geo Attack petrifying enemies. Petrified enemies take more damage.
    • Constellation Tier 1: Create two Geo pillars instead of one on your skill
    • Constellation Tier 2: Gives a shield to allies located near a Geo pillar.
    • Constellation Tier 3: ???
    • Constellation Tier 4: Zhoung Li's ultimate attack increases his radius of effect by 20% and petrifies increases by 2 seconds.

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Genshin Impact Tier List

  • For the S Tier - Diluc for DPS, Fischl for Support, Qiqi as Healer, Venti for Support.
  • For the A Tier - Barbara as Healer, Chongyun for DPS, Jean as Healer, Keqing for DPS, Mona for DPS, Razor for DPS, Traveler (Anemo) for Support, Xiangling for DPS, Support, Xiao for DPS.
  • For the B Tier - Kaeya for Support, Klee for DPS, Ningguang for DPS, Sucrose for Support, Traveler (Geo) for Support, Xingqiu for Support.
  • For the C Tier - Beidou for DPS, Bennett for DPS, Support, Lisa for Support, Noelle for DPS, Healer.

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