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Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible Event: Full Guide On Completing Event

The Elemental Crucible event for Genshin Impact is a co-op even that can be completed multiple times. Read on to know all about the event & rewards.

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Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible Event has arrived and players need to successfully finish it multiple times in order to finish all of the challenges and receive all the rewards. This event was introduced as there is still a lot of time before the first major update comes out, which could be in the next month. Continue reading to know all about how to complete this event.

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Genshin Impact Elemental Crucible Event

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The first thing that the players need to achieve is Adventure Rank 20, to be able to participate in this ongoing event. At the start, the player needs to visit the alchemist of Mondstadt called Timaeus and interact with him. He can be easily located near the area where there is a material crafting station. After the entire interaction, Timaeus will grant the player with the quest "One Giant Step For Alchemy" which will lead the player towards the Thousand Winds Temple on the eastern part of the map.

The next step is to teleport to the waypoint and reach the Thousand Winds Temple. Talk with Timaeus at the temple and start with activating the Elemental Crucible. This will spawn a ruin guard and his level will depend on the world level of the player. After defeating the ruin guard, the players will be able to activate the Elemental Crucible for participating in the event.

Interacting with the Elemental Crucible brings up a screen to enter into matchmaking. Doing this finds three other players to group you with so you can complete the event in a group of four. Ensure you have the proper character in the first slot of your party because that’s the one that will go to the event. 

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In this event, different waves of opponents will start spawning one after the other and players need to defeat each wave to collect the Elemental clots they drop. After this they need to deposit all these collected clots into the Elemental Crucible at the center. The player will also be able to track his progress through the progress bar at the screen top. Once this is completely filled, the event is over. In addition, the Elemental Crucible will grant the player with any random elemental buff. Players will be able to get a variety of rewards, including Primogems, Fragments, Adventure EXP, and more. To finish all of the challenges, players will additionally need to complete this event multiple times.

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