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Genshin Impact Guide: Know All About An Ode To Yonder City Location

Genshin Impact update has introduced many new changes and world quests to the game. Learn more about Genshin Impact An Ode to Yonder City quest here.

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Genshin Impact is rising in popularity by the day. Every player wants to get lost in the mesmerising world of this game. Genshin Impact has a multiplayer mode too, where players can squad up with their friends and go for quests and boss battles together. Genshin Impact has a massive roster of playable characters with diverse powers and stats to develop the player’s playstyle. Players have been asking about an Ode to Yonder City location in Genshin Impact.

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Genshin Impact: An Ode to Yonder City

An Ode to Yonder city is a world quest and like all world quests, players need to complete the requirements before they can unlock the world quest. Players need to complete A new Star Approaches Archon Quest in order to unlock this world quest. This quest will be given by Qingzhou at Liyue Harbor in Liyue. Qingzhou is looking for poetic inspiration and will ask the player to look for them. Here’s what the player needs to do to complete An Ode to Yonder City in Genshin Impact: 

  • At the south side of Liyue Harbor, players will find some dogs they can take poetic inspiration from
  • The stairs to the left of Bubu has some finches that can be used for inspiration
  • Then the players need to head to Yujing Terrace and talk to Hao and Fan Er’ye
  • Then the players need to head back to Qingzhou in order to complete the quest
  • The players will receive 5 Teachings of Gold, 5 Teachings of Prosperity, 5 Teachings of Diligence, 20,000 Mora, and 150 Adventure EXP for completing this quest.

How to get Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact?

Dandelion seeds can be used for a variety of recipes, ascensions, and commissions making it an important resource in the game. Dandelions grow freely in Genshin Impact, but there are some places that players can decide to go to if they wish to farm some dandelion seeds for themselves. This isn’t a difficult quest at all, the tricky part is finding and harvesting. The players just need to know where to find these seeds and how to harvest them from the plants. The rest of the task is fairly simple.

Dandelions are most openly found in the regions of Mondstadt. Every day a few dandelions spawn on the gates of the city. Dandelions can also be found in a temple nearby Mondstadt. The last and final location for the Dandelion seeds is the area between Dawn Winery and Stone Gate. This patch of land is filled with some dandelions.

Upon finding these dandelions, the players still need to get their hands on the seed of dandelions. This can be achieved by performing a wind spell. The players need to hit the dandelions with Anemo magic for it to drop the dandelion seed. Genshin Impact update has introduced many new changes and world quests to the game. Learn more about Genshin Impact An Ode to Yonder City quest here.

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