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Genshin Impact Memory Of Roving Gales: How To Obtain This Ascension Material Item?

The Main Character has 2 constellations for each of his elements & different items are required to unlock its constellations in Genshin Impact. Read on.

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The Memory of Roving Gales is a Character Ascension Material item. It is used to unlock Constellations for the Traveler when the Anemo element is active. Other characters use their respective Stella Fortuna in order to upgrade Constellations but the process is different for Anemo element. Continue reading to know more about the Ascension Material item.

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Genshin Impact Memory of Roving Gales

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The Main Character has two constellations for each of his elements and different types of items are required in order to unlock its constellations. The below mentioned is for Anemo:

  • For Anemo - Memory Of Roving Gales
    • To unlock Constellations of Traveler synched in Anemo, you must collect Memory Of Roving Gales. It can be obtained using the following method:
      • Buy it at the Souvenir Shop in Mondstadt
      • Clear Story Quests
      • Raise Adventure Rank
  • Buy It At The Souvenir Shop At Mondstadt
    • The players can buy one Memory of Roving Gales at the Souvenir Shop at Mondstadt 
      • This is in exchange for Anemo Sigil.
      • Anemo Sigil can be often found as drops from treasure chests in the areas that are protected by Anemo God.
  • Clear Story Quests
    • Players can get 2 Memory Of Roving Gales by clearing the Archon story quests.
      • Once for clearing Prologue: Act II
      • One for clearing Prologue: Act III.
  • Raise Adventure Rank
    • Raising your Adventure rank to a specific level will allow you to receive Memory Of Roving Gales.
    • Next, you need to talk to Katherine of Adventurer's Guild in order to check and get your rewards.

miHoYo had announced previously that the Genshin Impact update will come at regular six-week intervals, and the company has been following their mentioned schedule closely. If there are no delays or problems, then it means that the next update of Version 1.4 of Genshin Impact will surely release on March 17th, 2021. This will also depend on the time zones and region. One thing to note is that March 17th is exactly six weeks after Version 1.3 content arrived on the 3rd of February, so it is definitely going to arrive on the 17th of March.

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