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Genshin Impact Pyro Regisvine Location: Here Is Everything You Need To Know

Pyro Regisvine is one of the elite bosses in Genshin Impact that is an elemental plant related to the element Pyro. Read on to know the location.

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Genshin Impact's global release on September 28 had a huge impact on all of the gaming community worldwide. Within a short one week's time, it managed to make $60 million. This action RPG features a massive and gorgeous world based on fantasy, with lots of mysteries that are waiting to be discovered by the players. Continue reading to know all about one of such mysteries known as the 'Pyro Regisvine'.

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Genshin Impact Pyro Regisvine Location

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The massive open-world map of Genshin Impact has a large abundance of main quests and side quests, which is an important part of the game as it leads the players to follow a certain path and to the finale. There are seven natural elements in this world known as - Cryo, Dendro, Hydro, Anemo, Electro, Geo and Pyro. Different characters have abilities depending on these elements.

Pyro is the element that relates to one of the biggest quests of the game. An Elite Boss known as Pyro Regisvine uses this element and burns forever with extreme rage. This boss is a fire flower who is in a rage all the time and is an elemental plant that grows underground. 

The exact location of this Elite Boss can be found by the players by visiting the place towards the north-west of Liyue, which further leads towards the mountains. For being more precise, this boss lair can be visible on the Cuijue slope in the west direction of Luhua Pool.

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Genshin Impact Tier List

  • For the S Tier
    • Diluc for DPS
    • Fischl for Support
    • Qiqi as Healer
    • Venti for Support
  • For the A Tier
    • Barbara as Healer
    • Chongyun for DPS
    • Jean as Healer
    • Keqing for DPS
    • Mona for DPS
    • Razor for DPS
    • Traveler (Anemo) for Support
    • Xiangling for DPS, Support
    • Xiao for DPS
  • For the B Tier
    • Kaeya for Support
    • Klee for DPS
    • Ningguang for DPS
    • Sucrose for Support
    • Traveler (Geo) for Support
    • Xingqiu for Support
  • For the C Tier
    • Beidou for DPS
    • Bennett for DPS, Support
    • Lisa for Support
    • Noelle for DPS, Healer

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