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FFXIV Forgotten Fragments: Follow This Full Guide To Obtain The Key Currency

FFXIV is back with a major event which introduces a key currency known as forgotten fragments. Also, the patch 5.35 introduces many new features.


Final Fantasy XIV was one of the most popular MMORPGs which was developed by Square Enix in 2010 for the Microsoft Windows PCs. With this latest update of Bozja Southern Front, players will be very confused about the Forgotten Fragments which is a key currency that will be required in large amounts for progressing in the tutorial quest. Continue reading to know how to get Forgotten Fragments in FFXIV’s Bozja Southern Front event.

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How to Get Forgotten Fragments in FFXIV

Forgotten fragments are something that the players will come across during their expeditions at the front. These can be exchanged with any of the resistance appraisers at Utya's Aegis who will then in turn decode them into lost actions at these coordinates - (X:15.3 Y:30.1). Lost actions are similar to the Logos Actions which provide the players with access to special abilities, spell, and items that can be only used inside of Bozja.

The Forgotten Fragments can be obtained in many number of ways. They can sometimes be an occasional reward from Critical Engagements, Skirmishes, and by doing quests within Bozja. The two mentioned above are public events so players need to finish any of the live events by going to that location on the map and signing up through the Resistance Recruitment. Since mounting is an option in Bozja so it will not be much harder to get to these locations.

Another way to find these fragments is by killing any random monsters but the drop rate by this method is very low and rare. The last way is to buy them directly from the market board.

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FFXIV 5.35 Patch Main Changes

  • The Bozjan Southern Front: Players might remember this front as it is very similar to Eureka. A deep dungeon will be here which the players can enter starting from level 71 and will be synced as a level 80 players. This will require the player to work together for being able to manage the Critical Encounters and earn rewards.

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  • Resistance Weapons Relics Upgrade: This introduces a brand new glow for the Resistance Weapons. Upgrading this weapon will require materials that can be farmed anywhere in The Bozjan Southern Front. 

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