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Genshin Impact Yaksha's Wish: Follow This Guide To Complete The Quest

Yaksha's wish is one of the side quests in Genshin Impact in which the players will come across a wish of a certain Yaksha written on a stone tablet.

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Players in Genshin Impact came across a stone tablet on which a Yaksha had written about his wish. His name is Bosacius, one of the Yakshas. He followed his Lord to fight against his enemies but even though these Yakshas had great might, they were bound by their duties. Continue reading to know about Genshin Impact Yaksha's wish side quest.

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Genshin Impact Yaksha's Wish Side Quest

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One thing to note before starting this quest is that the player will not be able to enter co-op mode until the quest is complete. Regardless of the fact that if this quest is this player's current navigating quest. Follow these steps to look for clues to open the stone tablet. (0/3)

  • Inside the Hilichurl Camp nearby, you will have to clear the Hilichurls for access the tent, and there is a Stonehide Lawachurl.
  • On a raised stone platform, near an abandoned house. 
    • Walking near it will trigger a barrier that can be taken down by clearing the hilichurls that appear.
    • There is a Hydro Abyss Mage when you get here.
  • Inside a tower of the ruins, south from the tablet, climb the stairs and you will see a Ruin Guard below the tower.
  • There are two Ruin Guards to fight, but you can also get away without fighting.
    • Clear the Geo-Lantern Puzzle to open the door.

Genshin Impact Tier List

  • S-Tier Characters in Genshin Impact
    • Diluc (Pyro, Claymore)
    • Venti (Anemo, Bow)
    • Qiqi (Ice, Sword)
    • Razor (Electro, Claymore)
    • Fischl (Electro, Bow)
    • Keqing (Electro, Sword)
  • A-Tier Characters in Genshin Impact
    • Jean (Anemo, Sword)
    • Xiangling (Pryo, Polearm)
    • Chongyun (Ice, Claymore)
    • Traveler (Anemo, Sword)
    • Xiao (Anemo, Polearm)
  • B-Tier Characters IN Genshin Impact
    • Mona (Water, Catalyst)
    • Barbara (Water, Catalyst)
    • Ningguang (Geo, Catalyst)
    • Traveler (Geo, Sword)
    • Klee (Pyro, Catalyst)
    • Bennett (Pyro, Sword)
  • C-Tier Characters in Genshin Impact
    • Lisa (Electro, Catalyst)
    • Kaeyta (Ice, Sword)
    • Noelle (Geo, Claymore)
    • Sucrose (Anemo, Catalyst)
    • Xingqiu (Water, Sword)
    • Beidou (Electro, Claymore)
  • D-Tier Character in Genshin Impact
    • Amber (Pyro, Bow)

Genshin Impact download Steps for PC, PS4, iOS and Android

  • For PC
    • Download and open the PC Client Launcher file.
    • Check "I have read and agree to the Software License Agreement" and select "Install Now".
    • Complete the PC Launcher installation and select "Run Now" to run the launcher.
    • Click "Get Game" to download Genshin Impact's game files.
    • Download the game.
    • Finally, click on the game to start playing.
  • For PS4
    • To download Genshin Impact on PlayStation, head over to the PSN store
    • Search for Genshin Impact
    • Hit download and the game will begin downloading.
    • Once downloaded, let it finish the installation.
    • Finally, press on the game icon to start playing.
  • For iOS and Android
    • Head over to the respective Apple Store and Google Play Store
    • Search for Genshin Impact
    • Click on Install
    • once finished, open the app and the in-game data will start downloading
    • Size would be around 5.5GB so the time it takes will depend on the internet speed.
    • Once finished, you will be able to play the game.

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