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Ghost Of Tsushima Best Armor: List Of All Popular Armors In Game

Ghost Of Tsushima Best armor is one of the most searched terms currently. This is because of the launch of its new multiplayer mode. Read more about the game.

ghost of tsushima best armor

Ghost of Tsushima has been creating much excitement amongst the gaming community with its beautiful graphics. The game has given them the opportunity to experience samurai combats with some extremely appealing backgrounds. Ghost Of Tsushima makers has managed to gain a lot of attention for their upcoming multiplayer addition to heir game. The players are extremely curious to find information about this new update. Read more to know about Ghost of Tsushima Legends. Read more to know about the Ghost of Tsushima.

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Ghost Of Tsushima armor

Players have been asking things like the best weapons, best armours to use in Ghost Of Tsushima. The best weapon can not be named as each has its own perks. It depends on which game style is the player is approaching the game. Every player will have a different set of weapon combination according to their gameplay.

Every weapon and armour is based according to the gaming style of the player. These can be unlocked by completing a number of side missions. But we have also laid out our list of best armours sets according to different game styles. Here are some useful Ghost Of Tsushima Armors. 

Kensei Armor:

  • Improves Jin ghost’s weapon damage
  • Reduced the damage enemies deal if they’re hit by a Ghost weapon

Samurai Clan Armor:

  • This can be used as an efficient defensive armour as it: 
  • Decreases the incoming damage
  • Improves health
  • Taking damage will give additional Resolve

Sakai Clan Armor:

  • Increases the number of enemies during a standoff once it has been fully upgraded.
  • Will bring in a flurry of free kills at the beginning of any fight
  • One of the most balanced armours in the game

Tadayori's Armor:

  • This armour can be used for better combat as it: 
  • Improves the knocking and reload speed
  • Improves total Concentration time
  • Headshots partly restore the Concentration meter

Ghost Armour:

  • This can be used for experienced players using stealth gameplay as: 
  • Decreases enemy detection speed
  • Decreases number of kills needed to enter the Ghost Stance
  • Kills with this will have a chance to even Terrify a nearby enemy

More about Ghost Of Tsushima weapons

Ghost of Tsushima has a set of weapons that are given to the players at the start of the game. The Sakai Storm, Sakai Tanto and Half Bow are obtained by the players automatically as they start the game. Apart from these, Longbow and Blowgun are two weapons that will be given to the players as rewards for completing particular chapters in the game.

Weapons like Flaming Arrow and Hallucination Dart are some weapons that can be unlocked by completing the side tale of Ghost Of Tsushima. There are other additions known as Ghost weapons that can be unlocked by using the Ghost Weapon skill tree. Here are some of the Ghost weapons.

  • Kunai
  • Black Powder Bomb
  • Smoke Bomb
  • Sticky Bomb
  • Wind Chime

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