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Ghost Of Tsushima Update 1.1 Patch Notes: Know All Changes Made In Game

Ghost of Tsushima update 1.1 patch notes: Read below to know the changes that have been made in the latest update of Ghost of Tsushima.

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Ghost of Tsushima fans recently had a reason to celebrate when the developers launched the biggest update of the game yet. The PS4 patch is available to download for players at a size of 9.9 GB. The update is large and adds a number of details to the already open-world game. Read below to know the additions in the latest Ghost of Tsushima game -

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Ghost of Tsushima patch notes 

Recently, mainstream game developers have been moving away from providing detailed patch notes for their games. However, the game fandom of Ghost of Tsushima listed down the changes made in the game. Check out excerpts from the blog post below - 

  • Custom gear loadouts

  • Time played counter

  • New Game+

  • New horse

  • Mysterious new merchant, new dyes

  • Powerful new Charms

  • New trophies

  • Ghost of Tsushima: Legends

  • 4-player survival missions

  • 2-player story missions

  • Post-launch raid

  • Four unique classes

  • New Legends cosmetics

  • Legends photo mode

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On the other hand, the official subreddit of Ghost of Tsushima had also posted the changes that will be coming to the game along with the new update. The post stated that once version 1.1 was installed, players could access the Legends mode of the game. Check out excerpt the Reddit post below -

Once you have version 1.1 installed and jump in, if you access Ghost of Tsushima: Legends (either via the menu or by talking to Gyozen), you'll be redirected to the PlayStation Store to download a free unlock, which will allow you to play online.

Thank you to everyone here for your feedback since we launched - the work that's gone into features like New Game+ and gear loadouts are thanks to requests from people in the community, and we really appreciate your thoughtful suggestions.

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Once the update has been installed, the player can either select the Legends mode from the main menu itself to install the free download or head to speak to Gyozen who later leads to the Legends mode. However, the latest update also leads players to a multiplayer mode. Now, players can connect with each other and play the game as a team. The Legends mode is a completely new experience which does not follow the older characters of the game. 

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