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How To Download FAUG? Is FAUG Available On App Store? Know Details Here

How to download FAUG is what most players have been inquiring about. Learn about FAUG Download, is FAUG available on App Store, and more here.

how to download faug

Post the ban of PUBG in India, India has come up with its own game to fill the void. The new Indian game is called FAUG, and it is now available for players to download. Meanwhile, many players want to learn how to download FAUG. So given below are all the details regarding the same.

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How to download FAUG?

FAUG has been released for Android devices as of now and players can download this game onto their phones through the Google Play Store. The devices would need Android OS 8 Oreo or higher running on them to play the game. FAUG is a heavy game sized at 460 MB, this size comes with its prerequisites. Not all phones would be able to run this game smoothly, and this would be a big issue for budget-friendly Android Phones. Mid to High range phones wouldn’t have any problems running this game.

To download FAUG, the players just need to visit the Google Play Store and search for ‘FAUG’. If their devices consist of the requirements to run the game, the players can click on Download to get the game on their phones. FAUG doesn’t require any sign-in information to run but does need an active and steady internet connection.

Is FAUG available on App Store?

People have been asking “is FAUG available on App Store?”, the answer to this question is no, FAUG download is not available for the iOS App Store yet. There hasn’t been any announcement either about the FAUG iOS release. Players will be heavily anticipating the FAUG iOS release as players of such games are equally distributed between both Android and iOS platforms. FAUG download on the iOS App Store may be available in the future and the players will have to be patient.  

FAUG is Live

The PUBG alternative, FAUG has finally released in India and the users have been heavily anticipating this game. The full name for FAUG is Fearless and United Guards. The name matches the game as it is based on the Galwan Valley conflicts that were held between the Indian and Chinese Military Forces. As of now the game only includes a campaign mode, but the Bengaluru-based developers ‘nCore Games’ have mentioned that a multiplayer mode will be available in the future. This multiplayer mode has been associated with two modes as of now, which are “Free for All” and “Team Deathmatch”. Players can go for the FAUG download now and play the events of the Galwan Valley Conflicts through the campaign mode of the game.

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