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How To Get Berry Leather In Grounded To Upgrade Your Existing Tools?

Berry Leather is an essential resource in Grounded that can be used to craft a number of important tools. Read on to know how to get Berry Leather in Grounded.


Grounded is one of the most ambitious projects from game developer Obsidian Entertainment. The survival game was recently released on Xbox One and Windows platforms as early access and is available through Xbox Game Preview, Microsoft Store, and Steam Powered Store.

The title is still in development, and it’s likely that it will be taken down before it is ready for a proper release. However, fans can still dive into the game to check out all the features and content that the game has to offer. The game involves a lot of fun activities which include collecting materials, crafting essential tools, weapons, and a lot more for survival.

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One of the most essential resources in the game is the Berry Leather which can be used to upgrade your tools. However, this item is not harvested naturally. It is something that you will need to craft yourself with the help of berry chunks. To obtain the berry chunks, you will obviously need to search for some berries in the wild. So, let’s quickly take a look at how you can get yourself some Berries in Grounded.

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How to get Berry Leather in Grounded?

Berry Leather location

Berries can be harvested from only one location on the map. You will need to head towards the south-eastern part of the map. Once you reach a house, you will need to go towards the east where you will spot a huge berry bush.

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Harvesting Berry Chunks

But, before you leave for the spot, make sure that you are carrying an axe to harvest the berries along with a bow and arrow. You will use the axe to obtain the flesh from berries that have fallen on the ground. The bow and arrow will be used to shoot down more berries that are up in the trees. Collect as many berry chunks as you can because you can create one leather for every three berry chunks. You will be able to use these berry chunks to create a Berry Leather. However, you will first need to take it to a nearby Field Station for analysing the chunks you have obtained.

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