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How To Get Halloween Hats In Among Us? Here's A Complete Guide

'How to get Halloween hats in Among Us?' is the question on many players' minds since the recent upsurge of Halloween costumes in the game. Read on.

how to get halloween hats in among us

Among Us is a multiplayer game that has taken over the mobile gaming world. It is quite like the real-life game Mafia, where the players don’t know each other’s roles, but they have to work together putting their trust into each other to win the round. Among Us follows the same concept where there are two murderers who must finish off the others and the other team has to survive this and catch hold of these murderers. None of the players other than the murderers themselves know who they are.

Like every online popular game, Among Us is also following the trend of providing cosmetics for the players for added customisation. They have just introduced Halloween hats and the players have been wondering how to get Halloween hats in Among Us. Read on:

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How to get Halloween Hats in Among Us?

Among Us has introduced Halloween and Holiday themed costumes and players want to cop those outfits as soon as possible. The hats that are included are witch hats, Jason mask, Santa hat, candy canes, wolf ears, pumpkin hats, and a gory hat that looks like a knife is stuck in the head of the player. These cosmetics were only available during the holiday and Halloween season, but are now available throughout by a small hack that players can perform.

  • Players need to head over to the date and time settings on their PC and mobile.
  • They need to switch off the automatic date and time settings and switch it to manual.
  • After switching it to manual the players will have to set the date to 31st October 2019
  • After switching the date they should restart the Among Us application
  • Now they should be able to view all the Halloween costumes as unlocked
  • The players then need to switch the time back to normal and these costumes will still be available as they have been unlocked
  • This process usually takes more than one try to complete, so the players need to have a bit of patience.

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How to get Christmas hats in Among Us?

The players need to follow the same process as they did for the Halloween hats. This time the players need to change the date to the 25th of December 2019 and the Christmas costumes will be available to them. Again, this might take a few tries to execute, but after completing the process these cosmetics should be available for the players to equip throughout the year.

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