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How To Get Premium Character Shard In PUBG Mobile? Easy Step-by-step Solution

How to get premium character shard in PUBG Mobile? We have got the easiest way to help you get full knowledge of the game and learn about it. Read more

how to get premium character shard in pubg mobile

Tencent Games has been dominating the mobile gaming experience with its multiplayer popular games, PUBG mobile and Call Of Duty mobile. Players from all over the globe4 have been on this game since the lockdown began. Because of PUBG mobile’s popularity, there has been a massive increase in the number of e-competitions for the game. 

But a huge number of players have been asking a lot of questions about the game. Players have been trying to figure out questions like, “how to get premium character shard in PUBG mobile”. The players gave to earn the character shards by playing various game modes available in PUBG mobile. However, if one still cannot figure out how to get premium character shard in PUBG mobile, they can see our step by step guide to get premium character shard in PUBGmobile. Here are steps that show, how to get premium character shard in PUBG mobile. 

  • Source: PUBG official website

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How to get premium character shard in PUBG Mobile?

The players need to collect a number of character shards to recruit and ultimately increase the Star Rank of their characters. These character shards can be obtained by activities like playing campaign missions, collected by opening orbs, earned in events or Challenges, or purchased in the Store. Steps to get premium character shards in PUBG. 

  1. The players can use their EX cards and play infection mode. 
  2. This will help by giving them more victor XP than any other gameplay. 
  3. After collecting 1000 XP and completing victor level 10 the players will receive a victor crate.
  4. But there is a daily limit for each player that allows them to earn victor XP per day.
  5. These crates can be the easiest way to get premium character shard in PUBG mobile.

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  • Another effective way to find character shards is by: 
  1. Opening the roster menu
  2. Tapping on any character
  3. Select "find" and this will give the players the exact locations in the game where they can potentially obtain those specific characters shards

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A new character introduced by PUBG 

The makers recently updated their characters that certainly got their players extremely happy. They introduced a new character known as Vector. The makers also released an official tweet regarding the same.

They shared a small video and wrote, “Victor is here! Experience the new Character System in PUBG MOBILE with Victor, a submachine gun aficionado who gives special bonuses in EVO Modes (aside from TDM). Complete missions in the New Character: Victor Event to earn special rewards for a limited time!”.

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