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How To Get Silver Scavenger Medals In Fortnite To Customise Maya's Pants?

There are different types of medals that players can earn in Fortnite Season 2. Continue reading to learn how to get Silver Scavenger Medals in Fortnite.

How to get Silver Scavenger Medals in Fortnite

The introduction of Maya was certainly one of the most exciting elements of Fortnite Season 2.  However, a number of players have been wondering how they can get a Silver Scavenger in Fortnite to be able to complete Maya. Maya represents customisable pores and skins which are available for Battle Pass owners. So, let’s take a look at how to get Silver Scavenger medals in Fortnite to help further customisation.

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How to get Silver Scavenger Medals in Fortnite

Before users can start customising Maya, they will need to get Scavenger Medals which can be earned by completing a few objectives and challenges. There are different types of medals which are required for customisation of certain items. These include Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals.

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The Silver Scavenger Medals are required for customising Maya's pants and can be obtained by opening up chests and llamas in the game. It is essential that you get to a location which is rich in chests and at the same time, you should keep in mind that it is best to avoid spots that may be full of other players. This is just so you don’t end up dead before the challenge even starts off. Due to this, it is suggested that you scout a drop point out while you are still in the Battle Bus.

When you are in a spot that offers a lot of chests with minimal resistance, it helps you crack the challenge a lot quicker. Also, it’s a lot easier when you’re an experienced player since you may not necessarily want to avoid the hot spots. However, the longer the game, the better would be your chances of running into chests. Some players may find it relatively easier to complete the objective, but if you find yourself struggling, try landing at an unpopulated location and hope for the best.

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