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How To Get Tracer Rounds In COD Warzone And COD Points Required To Obtain Them

Tracer rounds are one of the newest items that have been added in Call of Duty: Warzone. Continue reading to learn how to get tracer rounds in COD Warzone.

How to get tracer rounds in COD Warzone

The free-to-play Call of Duty: Warzone has been insanely popular among fans since coming out two months ago. Since then, the BR title has brought some much-needed shake-ups with developers finding more ways to expand on the franchise.

The Tracer packs are one of the newest items that have been added to the game. And whilst they don’t necessarily give you an advantage over your opponents, tracer rounds do add a bit of flair to your firepower and make your enemies glow all bright as they hit the deck. So, if you’ve been wondering how to get your hands on these tracer rounds in COD Warzone, here’s how you can get them.

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How to get tracer rounds in COD Warzone?

Tracer rounds aren’t available for free at the moment, meaning you will have to purchase them. These can be found in the Store section of the game's interface, with each tracer available in bundles. Every bundle will cost you anywhere between 1,600 to 2,500 COD Points. COD Warzone has four variations of tracer pack available at the moment – red, blue, green, and pink.

The green and pink tracer rounds were introduced relatively recently, and it is likely that more options will come in the future. However, similar to COD Modern Warfare, every tracer pack works with only specific weapons in the game. This means that you won’t be able to equip the blue tracer rounds on weapons like the M4A1, Oden, M19, GRAU, and the likes. You can use them on a gun that they have been designed for; for example, the pink tracer rounds can be used on the Breakup M4A1.

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Call of Duty Tracer rounds – Applicable weapons and COD points required for each bundle

For a quick reference, here is a list of different tracer round bundles and applicable weapons. You can also check out the COD points you will need to purchase each colour bundle:

Red Tracer pack – Tracer Pack Red (COD points: 1600)

  • Cerise FN Scar 17
  • Red Dwarf M19

Blue Tracers – Nikto Operator bundle (COD points: 2500 )

  • Cerulean Kilo 141
  • Blue Dwarf M1911

Green Tracers – Tracer Pack Green (COD Points: 1600)

  • SnapDragon RAM-7
  • Gangrene .50 GS

Pink Tracers – Tracer Pack Anime (COD Points: 1800)

  • The Breakup M4A1
  • Casanova P90

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