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How To Repair Tools In Valheim? How To Build A New Workbench?

Valheim is one of the most popular games right now which is available in early access. How to repair tools in Valheim? Continue scrolling for complete steps.


Valheim has become one of the hottest video games since coming out in early access just a few days ago. The co-op survival crafting game from Coffee Stain Publishing is well received by the gaming fans and critics alike for offering an engaging gameplay experience and a unique premise. Set in a procedurally-generated purgatory, the video game drops you into the Norse cosmos, where you are tasked with taking on various monstrous creatures to prove yourself to Odin. You can choose to either alone or in a group to create settlements, make farm food, build ships and castles, among others.

Once you embark on your journey, you will realise that the quality of your tools and weapons will deteriorate as you continue to use them. After a certain point, these tools will become significantly weaker, leaving you no choice but to fix them. So, let us show you how you can easily repair your tools in this Valheim guide.

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How to repair tools in Valheim?

To repair items in Valheim, you will need to build a new workbench. Luckily, you don't need to spend any cash or much resource to build this item. All you need to do is a few pieces of Wood. Now, build the workbench along with a few wooden walls. You can also build some roof pieces which can be attached to the walls. Once it is entirely covered on top, you should be able to interact with it. This will allow you to repair all of your existing items.

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Once you have that, you can get the crafting interface by interacting with the Hammer. This can be found on the crafting menu. You can use the workbench to repair all of your tools and weapons as you progress in the game.

Valheim is now available for players on the PC platform via Steam Store. However, it should be noted that the game is available in early access, meaning it is not complete at the moment. The game is available for ₹529 on Steam and it can be accessed at this link.

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