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How To Turn Off Crossplay In Apex Legends? Know All About Crossplay Issues

'How to turn off crossplay in Apex Legends?' is the most asked question since the beta was released. Read more about the crossplay issues faced by Apex Legends.

how to turn off crossplay in apex legends

Apex Legends added a lot of new things to the game in their After Market Update. The update brought a new LTM mode to the game and also a beta version of crossplay. Apex Legends wanted to try out the highly requested feature cross-platform play in their latest update. This feature enables the player to squad up with other players on different platforms. As the feature is still in Beta mode, it can cause certain bugs and issues to the game. Apex Legends have provided the option for the players to turn off the crossplay feature.

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How to turn off CrossPlay in Apex Legends

Some players do not wish to have the cross-play feature enabled and Apex Legend has provided an option for the players to that. Here’s how to turn off the crossplay beta in Apex Legends:

  • Open the Apex Legends Settings
  • Find the Option for the CrossPlay beta feature
  • Disable the feature from that option

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Apex Legends CrossPlay issues

Apex Legends is testing out its crossplay beta in the new update. As this feature is still in testing, it can have certain bugs and issues that create problems for the stability of the game. This was one of the reasons why players were looking to disable the crossplay feature in the game. Another reason that made the players disable this feature was the highly increased competitiveness in the game. Players using a console realized that winning against players with an elaborate PC set up can become significantly more difficult. Players have requested this feature the most, but are now reverting back to the playing on the same platform due to the increased difficulty.

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Apex Legends Aftermarket skins

Apex Legends is bringing in a whole set of cosmetics with the new update. It will feature Aftermarket-themed skins for the game too. Check out the skins coming to Apex Legends in the Aftermarket update below:

Legend Skins

  • Wraith: Void Prowler Skin
  • Caustic: Killing Joke Skin
  • Octane: Sonic Boom Skin
  • Revenant: Deathproof
  • Rampart
  • Mirage: Moneymaker
  • Lifeline: Breach and Clear
  • Loba: Torrent
  • Wattson: Wired for Speed
  • Gibraltar: Blazing Hot

Weapon Skins

  • Flatline: Flashpoint
  • Longbow: Entry Lane
  • Tripletake: Electric Flux
  • RE-45: Force Limiter
  • R-301: Pure Performance
  • Alternator: Amped Up
  • EVA-8 Auto: Identity Theft
  • Peacekeeper: Buckle up
  • Wingman: Hammer Down
  • Caustic Melee Weapon: Death Hammer

Total Apex Legends will be providing the players with 24 cosmetics for a limited time. These can be purchased directly or unlocked through event packs. Unlocking the whole set will reward the players with Cautic’s Heirloom. This heirloom is a sledgehammer with a skull attached to it. This skull appears to release Nox gas while attacking. It is unclear if this will deal any additional damage as heirlooms do not provide that.

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