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How To Upgrade Tools In Grounded: Upgrading From Standard To Tier 2 Tools

Upgrading your regular hammer and axe in Grounded allows you to chop through weeds and break through larger stones. Learn how to upgrade tools in Grounded.


When you first start out in the game, you have a few important tools in your arsenal. These tools help you create new items, complete challenges and even protect yourself from all kinds of terrifying invertebrates or bugs. However, these tools aren’t sufficient for harvesting certain materials in the game. So, let’s take a look at how you can upgrade your tools in Grounded.

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How to upgrade tools in Grounded?

To upgrade a weapon in Grounded, you simply need to create a higher version of that tool by crafting one yourself. Here's how you can do it.

Grounded Tier 2 Axe

One of the first weapons that you need to upgrade is your axe. A Level 2 Axe can be used to chop Weed Stem. A Weed Stem falls under Tier 2 material type and is an essential item that helps protect the base with stronger structures. To chop down a Weed Stem, you need to craft an Insect Axe. To create this tool, you will need to collect the following items:

  • 1 Ladybug Head
  • 3 Bombardier Parts 
  • 4 Spider Silk

Ladybugs can be found at several locations across the map, and can be easily spotted at the location specified in the following video. Make sure that you are carrying your weapons to take on this armoured creature.

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After collecting a Ladybug, you will need three Bombardier parts. To get these, you need to prepare for another battle with the Bombardier Beetles. They can also be found at a number of different locations, but the best place to find them is at the location shown in the following video.

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Next, you need to collect four Spider Silk which can be found at the same location as above. You will need to search for webs that are flat, and not triangular in shape. Once you find the web, you need to grab your axe and strike at it. This will automatically add the item to your inventory. Make sure that you collect four Spider Silk. After collecting the required items, you need to head over to the Analyzer in the camp and upgrade the Axe.

Grounded Tier 2 Hammer

The Level 2 Hammer, known as the Insect Hammer, allows you to break the mint from the ice-caps mint container. To craft an Insect Hammer, you need the following items: 

  • 4 Stinkbug Parts
  • 4 Berry Leather
  • 1 Boiling Gland

To get four Stinkbug parts, you will need to kill four Stinkbugs. You can find these in the southwestern portion of the map, however, they won't be easy to kill. Make sure that you keep your distance as you attack them.

For Berry Leather, you will need to harvest some berries. You will get these from the south-eastern part of the map. You can click here for the exact location. As for the Boiling Gland, it can be obtained from the same Bombardier Beetles that you will kill to upgrade your axe. 

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