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How To Use Totems In Roblox Skyblock And What They Actually Do?

In Skyblock, players can choose from a variety of totems for mining. Continue reading to learn how to use totems in Roblox Skyblock and what they actually do.

Roblox Skyblock

Totems are an important aspect of Skyblock which are required to keep moving forward in the game. These are structures that can be produced automatically and used to harvest a number of items.

It is important to understand how to use Totems if you want to automate a farm, mine or a quarry, and make a good amount of money. So, before you take a look at how you can actually use them, let’s find out where you can get them and what they do.

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Where you can get Totems in Roblox Skyblock?

Players can easily get Totems from the Totems Vendor using the purple portal. You can access this portal through your island in Skyblock. All you need to do is build a bridge over to enter. Once you get in, you should see a Crop and Seed Vendor.

You need to go to the left to find the Totem Vendor. Here, you will able to able to purchase a Totem of your choice. However, you should note that Totems are actually expensive, particularly when you are just starting out in the game. So make sure you have done enough farming to support your purchase. You should preferably go for an Iron Totem if you are new to the game. You can purchase it and place it on your island.

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What do Totems do in Roblox Skyblock?

Once you have placed an Iron Totem on the island, it will spawn iron ore deposits in the surroundings. You can start mining them. Once the spots around it are full, it will automatically start collecting some of the iron ores that will go into the storage. However, the storage comes with limited space, meaning you can't actually rely on them for a long time. The Totems will have a range of 7x7 blocks, which will require a good amount of room to spawn and harvest things.

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How to use Totems in Roblox Skyblock?

Once have a Totem, you can place it at any location where you would want that particular item to spawn. As you do that, it will automatically start spawning the item. After the item is ready, you can start collecting it or even allow the Totem to gather and collect some of it in the inventory. Doing this will also enable you to quickly and easily farm a specific item for crafting or to make some profit. As you progress in the game, you will also be able to set a process which allows the Totem to feed directly into a Conveyor belt. You will simply need to place down your totem in front of the Conveyor belt with another conveyor belt leading right into the chest.

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