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IPhone 12 Showcases The League Of Legends Wild Rift; Know All Details

In the Apple event of 13th October, along with the iPhone 12, League of Legends Wild Rift was also showcased on the phone. Read on to know more details.

iphone 12 and Wild Rift

The upcoming mobile version of League of Legends, Wild Rift is coming to the iOS platform. This was announced during the Apple iPhone 12 event on October 13. This mobile variant was previously announced a year ago and will feature a different mechanism from the PC variant. It will have a twin-stick movement mechanism and will include a number of other changes.

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iPhone 12 and League of Legends Wilf Rift

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League of Legends is one of the most popular online games in the world. The event displayed how the upcoming Wild Rift will look on the latest iPhone model from Apple, iPhone 12. The exact time of release for this mobile variant of LoL is not set yet but it will be much later this year. Wild Rift has been tested by Riot Games for a long time by releasing alpha and beta testing from time to time through the year.

The event also disclosed that iPhone 12 will feature an A14 Bionic chip along with 5G capabilities. Wild Rift is definitely going to take advantage of all this, and it is one of the reasons for which Riot Games decided to display their upcoming game during this event. Along with the iPhone 12, Wild Rift will also be available on other Android devices with 5G support. One more thing to note is that this A14 chip is designed to work 15 percent faster as compared with the A13, but will also use 30 percent less power.

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Wilf Rift Release Date

When Wilf Rift was initially introduced, it was expected to release during the early part of 2020 but the game got delayed due to the COVID-19 ongoing pandemic. As of now, there is no set date for the official release of Wild Rift.

League of Legends Wild Rift

One of the biggest changes in Wild Rift will be the gameplay mechanics and the match durations. Most of the champions and items will be the same as League of Legends but it will still be completely different from the PC version. Developers made the game from scratch instead of just making a port of the PC version. Along with the scaling down of game length, the abilities have also been changed, systems have changed, the Summoner's Rift has also gone through some refinement as well.

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