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Minecraft Dungeons All Levels: How To Unlock Each Secret Level?

Minecraft Dungeons all levels - There are five hidden secret levels that you can play in Minecraft Dungeons. Continue reading to learn how to complete them.

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons is the latest spinoff of the popular series from Mojang. The game offers a few secret levels that players can uncover with some exploration and guidance. And while a few of these levels are easy to find, others are a bit complicated and may take up some time. So, let us take a look at all the secret levels available in Minecraft Dungeons and go over how you can actually unlock them.

You will find a total of five secret levels that you can find in Minecraft Dungeons. Here’s a list of all the hidden missions with location details and a description of how you can go about unlocking it.

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Minecraft Dungeons all levels

1. Creepy Crypt

Location: Creeper Woods

Creepy Crypt is a place where you can find emeralds and other loots. You need to search around the area and look for a hidden path towards the left on the map. The exact location cannot be described mainly because the path generator is random. Once you reach a circular area, you need to follow the path that leads you towards a temple. Once you get there, enter inside and look for a green map to unlock the level.

2. Arch Haven

Location: Pumpkin Pastures

Arch Haven is a seaside village island whose map can be accessed within Pumpkin Pastures. You will get the map for the hidden level located inside a small pirate ship. To locate the map, you need to head to the bottom of the ship. You should see the map across the other side of the room. You need to go through the enemies to unlock this level. 

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3. Moo?

Location: Camp

Unlocking the 'Moo?' can be a tricky one. The first step to unlock this level is beating the game with difficulty set to default. Once you have completed the campaign, you need to visit a dog's portrait which is close to a church near the Camp area. Behind the dog's picture, you will see a golden button that has ten runes on top. You need to track all the runes and go back to the button and interact with it to unlock this level.

4. Soggy Swamp

Location: Soggy Cave

The Soggy Cave is one of the most difficult spots to find. You need to head towards the second part of this area and start looking for dungeons towards the left on the map. Once you find a few ruins, you will know that you have come to the right cave. After you have found the cave, you need to complete the puzzles to unlock the level.

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5. Underhalls

Location: Highblock Halls

This is a relatively easier level to unlock as compared to others. You need to visit the Highblock Halls and look for a set of stairs at in the main hall. Head down the steps where you will find two shields hanging on a blank wall. Once you find it, you need to interact with one of the shields to open a secret passage. This will unlock the Underhalls level.

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