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Minecraft Dungeons Secrets And Chests' Locations For The Secret Cow Level

Minecraft Dungeons secrets - Minecraft Dungeons features many hidden locations that are full of secrets and chests. Read on to learn how you can unlock them.

Minecraft Dungeons

There are numerous chests that players can uncover in about every boxed cranny or concealed corner in Minecraft Dungeons. So, if you have discovered some of the new secret levels in the game, the next step is to start searching for the secret runes to unlock the secret cow level. So, let's take a look at how you can unlock some of the hidden secrets and chests in Minecraft Dungeons.  

Minecraft Dungeons Secrets and Chests

Here is a list of the secret locations where you can find the secret chests in Minecraft Dungeons.

  • Camp Secrets
  • Squid Coast
  • Creeper Woods
  • Creepy Crypt
  • Soggy Swamp
  • Pumpkin Pastures
  • Cacti Canyon
  • Desert Temple
  • Highblock Halls

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1. Camp Secrets

In the first step, you have to look for a church at your camp. This is on the other side of Blacksmith and Wandering Trader. You need to go towards the upper-right corner, across the house and get a springboard to reach the other side. Once you get there, you need to follow along the path through the trees. This will lead you to the church. Enter inside and interact with the runes that are hanging on the walls. After the interaction, you should be able to locate a bunch of extra hidden secret runes throughout the game.

2. Squid Coast Secrets and Chests

Squid Coast Secret 1

Head towards the back of the fence and it will open up a secret chest right in front of the house.

Squid Coast Secret 2

From the first secret location, you need to go head towards the corner and as you spot more houses next to the trees, go to the opposite side of the fence to uncover the next secret chest.

Squid Coast Chest 2

It is quite easy to spot this one as compared to others, especially if you're familiar with the game's controls. All you need to do is roll through the visible gap and get to the opposite side of the ledge to grab the chest.

3. Creeper Woods Secrets and Chests

Creeper Woods Secret 1

From the above location, go to your left and follow the path to uncover an invisible chest. You will find it at the end of that path.

Creeper Woods Secret 2 – Creepy Crypt Secret Level

Further along the same path, you need to take another left and tap the button that can be found outside of the sealed door. This will reveal your next secret. Inside, you unlock the Creepy Crypts secret level.

Creeper Woods Chest 1

Keep moving and kill all the enemies to find a chest.

Creeper Woods Chest 2

Continue moving forward through the secret space and take a right turn to another chest.

Creeper Woods Secret 3

Once you are out of the secret cave, choose the left path which is away from the objective and go towards a wooden circle to reveal the next golden chest.

Creeper Woods Secret 4

You will find another invisible chest along the same side-path. It will be hidden near the woody area.

Creeper Woods Chest 3

In the last prong along the same path, you will get another chest.

Creeper Woods Chest 4

Now, you need to take the long side path which is towards your right. Follow the path and find the next chest hidden under the trees to your right.

Creeper Woods Chest 5

You will find a golden chest on the top left end of that same path.

Creeper Woods Chest 6

Go towards the spider-filled cave and get the next chest on your right.

Creeper Woods Chest 7

The last Creeper Woods chest can be found towards the top end of a later area. Go through the spider cave and large open clearing to unveil the next chest.

Creeper Woods secret cow level rune

You need to rescue your villagers and in the next area, you will find a tiny structure. It will carve an entrance. You need to get inside and hit the button to bring up the rune. Once it appears, just collect it.

4. Creepy Crypt Secrets and Chests

Creepy Crypt Secret 1

Once your objective has switched to 'Leave the Crypt', you need to go down to the bottom part of the crypt and follow the side path. When you reach a hallway, you should find a skeleton knight. Click on the skeleton knight and a chest will be unveiled.

Creepy Crypt Secret 2

Get outside and follow the left path that goes down. Once you reach the end, you will get a chest. Go slightly further and there will be another secret golden chest.

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5. Soggy Swamp Secrets and Chests

Soggy Swamp Chest 1

You will find a golden chest when you go on top of the structure at the bottom of the path outside the Enderman cave.

Soggy Swamp Chest 2

Follow the path and you see another chest right in the middle of the area. You need to get through the wall by climbing over to reach the chest.

Soggy Swamp Chest 3

The next chest can be found on top of a ledge right in the centre.

Soggy Swamp secret cow level rune

On the right side of the exit, you need to search for a hidden button that reveals the entrance. Hit the button and the rune which can also be found inside.

6. Pumpkin Pastures Secrets and Chests

Arch Haven is a seaside village island whose map can be accessed within Pumpkin Pastures. You will get the map for the hidden level located inside a small pirate ship. To locate the map, you need to head to the bottom of the ship. You should see the map across the other side of the room. You need to go through the enemies to access this level. 

Pumpkin Pastures Chest 1

At the start of this secret level, you need to follow the path towards your left to find a chest.

Pumpkin Pastures Secret 1

Go towards the castle and roll over the moat by the drawbridge to uncover a hidden golden chest.

Pumpkin Pastures Chest 2

Follow the path and it will lead you to another chest towards your right.

Pumpkin Pastures secret cow level rune

You will find a button on the castle wall. Click on the button and the rune as well.

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7. Cacti Canyon Secrets and Chests

Cacti Canyon Chest 1

When this level begins, take the straight path and you will find a golden chest right in the middle of the area.

Cacti Canyon Chest 2

Take the patch to the right to find another chest at the corner.

Cacti Canyon Secret 1

This will lead you to an area where you will need to power five beacons and roll over to a floating island which is below the area. towards the right end. Click on the loot immediately so it doesn't fall off.

Cacti Canyon secret cow level rune

When you’re getting the blue key, search for a button which is hidden towards the left side of the gate. Press the button and the entrance will open up behind the key. Make sure that you click on the rune while you're still inside.

Cacti Canyon Chest 3

Once you're done with the golden key gate puzzle, take the right path to uncover a golden chest.

8. Desert Temple Secrets and Chests

Desert Temple Chest 1

You will find the first chest right at the start of this level.

Desert Temple Chest 2

The next chest will be across the room.

Desert Temple Chest 3

You should see a marked door towards the left of a corridor. Go towards the door and you will find a chest at the bottom of this area. The 4 beacons in the corners must be activated to get to the other side.

Desert Temple Secret 1

In the same room, you will find a secret towards the right side of the entrance. Use the stairs to reach the top where you will find a golden chest.

Desert Temple Chest 4

The next chest is located below the stairs before the exit.

9. Highblock Halls Secrets and Chests

Highblock Halls Secret 1

At the beginning of this level, you need to go downstairs and tap the shield hanging on the wall. This will open a new passage and unlock the Underhalls secret level.

Highblock Halls Chest 1

The next chest can be found on the right side around the corner.

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