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Sea Of Thieves Patch Notes 2.0.15 Adds Hitreg And Checkpoints To Tall Tales

The latest Sea of Thieves Lost Treasures update adds tons of new content and features to the game. Continue reading for complete Sea of Thieves patch notes.

Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves has received a new monthly update titled Lost Treasures. The update brings a range of new content and mechanics to the game to add to its bursting-at-the-seams experience. The game is bringing a major convenience to its story-driven Tall Tales missions by adding checkpoints. This will certainly make things exciting for users who love taking on the story-driven Tall Tales adventures.

With the latest update, developers have added checkpoints to the Tall Tales, which will essentially allow players to bail out during an ongoing adventure, then join in later. This means you can easily take a break. There are also a bunch of new daily bounties in the game, with gold and doubloon rewards.

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Sea of Thieves patch notes – Lost Treasures update 2.0.15

1. Improved hit registration

The game has been affected by spotty hitreg for quite some time now. Luckily, developers have been able to improve the combat and hit registration in these areas:

  • Shooting players who are swimming
  • Shooting players who possess interactive items on the ship
  • Hit connections at the top of the ladder on a ship

The issue has been quite frustrating for players to get hit markers where the enemies would easily escape without taking any damage.

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2. Regular events

  • A number of daily challenges and weekly special events have been added to the game which will reward players with gold or Doubloon bonuses.

3. Pirate Emporium

  • The Pirate Emporium has a bunch of new items on the Ruby Splashtail theme. These include:
  • Free Giveaway Emote
  • Ruby Splashtail Monarch Costume
  • Ruby Splashtail Fishing Rod
  • Ruby Splashtail Ship Collection
  • Lost Treasures Sale
  • Feline Finery Bundle (Available only for Xbox and Microsoft stores)
  • Splashtail Monarch Bundle (Available only for Xbox and Microsoft stores)

4. Gameplay Improvements

  • Ferry of the Damned Armoury – A new Armoury is now available in Ferry, which will allow players to switch the equipped weapons before respawning.
  • Alliance Nameplates – When players create an Alliance with some crew, the allied crews’ nameplates will turn into purple colour to help identify people who are part of that Alliance.
  • Rowboat Storage Interaction – There are changes to the keybinds that are used for interacting with the Rowboat Storage Chest. This can now be done by pressing ‘R’ on the keyboard and ‘Y’ on a controller.
  • Mermaid Recovery – When players swim in the open water, the distance at which their mermaid appears has been reduced. This will allow players to get back to their ships more quickly.
  • Animation Quality Graphics Setting – There are some changes to the graphics setting on PCs, allowing users to adjust the quality of character animation.
  • Default Settings for New Players – When a new player joins the game, they will have both the ‘Crew Status Tags’ and ‘Sticky Radial Items’ settings enabled by default. This will improve their initial onboarding experience. However, the settings will remain the same for existing users.

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5. Other improvements and fixes

  • When a player is abandoned at sea with an active mermaid, the mermaid will disappear once they get on board a rival’s ship.
  • Once a player reaches rank 50 with The Reaper’s Bones, it will count towards Pirate Legend status.
  • Players will be able to get water from the water barrel on the ship from every angle.
  • When a player chooses from the Cannonball Radial during cannon fire, the correct cannonball will now be loaded for the next shot.
  • Players can now add wood to campfires.
  • When players beat the Ghost of Graymarrow during the Fort of the Damned, all the supporting Flames of Fate Skeletons will be demolished.
  • The ‘Allow Friends to Join Me’ option will now persist between sessions.
  • When a player beats Megalodon, the rewards will be released once again from the depths and float up rather than popping directly on the surface.
  • When water is boiling inside the Galleon, it will cool down at a much slower rate. 
  • Issued a fix to Windows 10 hardware detection that was causing issues with the graphics settings.
  • When a player swims to the back of one of the ships in the Pirate Legend Hideout, it will no longer push them through the world.
  • When passing pets, loot or any other items, a prompt will appear.
  • When players disconnect from an Xbox-only server on Xbox and move to desktops, they won't get the generic ‘beard’ error but will receive a message stating that they need to change the settings or use a controller.

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